Trump PAC Requests Refund for $60 Million in Legal Fees

By: Will Wood

Published on:

Trump PAC Requests Refund for $60 Million in Legal Fees

Former President Donald Trump’s leadership PAC, Save America, has requested a refund of $60 million that it contributed to a super PAC supporting Trump’s 2024 White House bid, according to sources familiar with the matter. The refund request comes as legal fees for Trump and his associates continue to mount, with Save America having already spent over $40 million on legal fees this year alone.

The request for a refund was made due to the significant costs incurred by Save America, which has been used to pay for Trump’s legal bills. Trump’s team is reportedly creating a new legal defense fund, called the Patriot Legal Defense Fund Inc., to help cover these expenses.

Trump is currently facing multiple investigations and indictments, including charges related to business fraud and mishandling of classified documents. The new legal defense fund is expected to support current and former aides and employees who are also involved in these investigations.

The refund request highlights the financial challenges faced by Trump and his campaign, as he continues to navigate legal battles and mounting legal expenses. It remains unclear if any of the $60 million contribution has been refunded at this time.

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