Tula Rodríguez suffers a slip when performing choreography in “En boca de todos” | VIDEO – MAG.

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Milett Figueroa visited the set of “En boca de todos” this Tuesday to talk about his return to the theater as the protagonist of “Pandemonium”, a musical show that combines comedy, vaudeville and the sensuality of a nightclub.

In the middle of her presentation, the model was surprised by Tula Rodriguez, who appeared on stage to present a cabaret dance and thus show that he could be part of “Pandemonium”; however, he suffered a mishap with his choreography.

“Welcome. Oh, how sexy. Impressive”, Ricardo Rondón said when he saw his driving partner.

The figure from América Televisión wore a short red and black dress, and also wore a black hat. Two dancers accompanied her in her performance.

The impasse was experienced seconds before the choreography ends, Tula could not hang from a hoop that was suspended a few meters from her, the dancers reacted quickly and managed to hold her, preventing the accident from happening to adults.

Despite the mishap, the host of “En boca de todos” ended with the presentation amid applause from the people present on the set.

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