Tula Rodríguez when returning from vacation: “What lives in Miami stays in Miami” | VIDEO

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The host of “En boca de todos”, Tula RodriguezShe returned to the América Televisión program after several days of absence due to her vacations, in which she traveled to Miami, United States, accompanied by her daughter and close friends.

Upon her return to the show, she was hosted by Ivana Yturbe. Tula Rodríguez was encouraged to say that during her trip she dared to do things that she had not done before. In addition, he danced to the rhythm of “Gozando en La Habana” by La Charanga Habanera.

“That is my song from now on. What lives in Miami stays in Miami, friend, I have the right, but ask the producer ”, Tula Rodríguez said, leaving her fellow program members speechless.

“I’m happy. All good with my headlines, I thank you for the news that bounced, (but) it was just a simple trip ”, She added, and then showed her concern for her friend Mariela Zanetti, who last week fainted in the middle of the live program.

As it is recalled, through her social networks, Tula Rodríguez shared photographs and videos of her trip to Miami, where she enjoyed the days with her daughter and her close friends.

A not minor fact is that Tula Rodríguez also shared a photo with Marco Díaz, producer of “En boca de todos”. “My traveling companions”, said Rodríguez in his photograph.

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