How to Watch Twilight Movies In Order

Twilight is one of the finest vampire films of all time. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. This film depicts Bella Swan’s relationship with Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Edward’s and his family’s efforts to protect Bella from a malicious vampire coven.

The whole Twilight series is fantastic. The series consists of five films, all of which are outstanding. However, many fans are confused about Twilight’s chronological sequence. Here, we have discussed the sequential order to watch the franchise Twilight. It is crucial that you watch the film in chronological sequence, as this will aid you in comprehending the whole series and its plot.

Twilight Movies in Order of Release

  • Twilight
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

Chronological Sequence Of Twilight Movies

The Twilight series is quite straightforward to track since the release dates correspond to the storyline. The only challenge may be keeping track of the titles, but we have got you covered with the following summaries if you are unsure which film contains your favorite scenes.

What Is The Chronological Order Of Watch For Twilight?

The Twilight Saga’s canonical order is identical to the chronological sequence. In simple words, if you are seeking the best way to watch the Twilight films, start with the list above.


The Twilight Saga: Best Movie Watch Order | Den of Geek

The first film introduces us to the series’ primary heroine, Bella Swan. Bella used to live in Arizona with her parents, but when her stepfather, Forks, was relocated to Florida for new work, she was forced to relocate with her father, Charlie.

Bella makes new acquaintances as the school year begins, but she is attracted by a strange guy who is subsequently partnered up with during the biology curriculum.

Edward does not seem to favor her, and Bella is determined to approach him. A terrible episode in which Edward saves Bella from being killed by a moving vehicle reinforces her worries that something about Edward is not yet right.

Bella and her pals take a trip to the La Push beach a few days after the event, and her close friend Jacob tells her a tale about the cold ones, which interests Bella and makes her wonder whether there is a link between Edwards’ actions and this mythology. This prompts her to go to Port Angeles and visit a bookstore that sells a book on the cold ones.

A bunch of guys mob Bella as she leaves the bookstore, and Edward rushes to aid her, which results in a friendship between them. Edward confesses to being able to read people’s thoughts during dinner, and after a lengthy discussion regarding his talents, Bella is committed to continuing her inquiry.

Bella approaches Edward even after realizing that he is a vampire, and the two ultimately begin dating. While she is with Edward’s family, Bella draws the notice of a passing gang of vampires and their tracker, who gets impressed with her.

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The Cullens design a plant to aid Bella’s escape in order to rescue her. Forks try to avoid James, but he manages to deceive her by pretending to have kidnapped her mother.

For Bella, this is the last straw, and she chooses to escape from Cullens in order to rescue her mother. The Cullens immediately realize she is missing, and because of Alice’s talent, they can figure out where Bella is going.

The Cullens arrive at the studio where James entices and catches Bella, but before they get there, James bites Bella, commencing the process of converting her into a vampire.

While the rest of the family deals with James, Edward is forced to make the decision he fears the most. He must choose between letting Bella transform into a vampire or attempting to suck the poison from her system.

Bella is eventually rescued, and the Cullens recreate the incident to make it appear as if she was hurt while fleeing. The film concludes with Bella and Edward going to attend the prom and discussing her desire to become a vampire while being monitored by Veronica, who is plotting her vengeance.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Watch The Twilight Saga: New Moon | Netflix

In New Moon, the story continues. While Twilight ended on a happy note, things rapidly turn tragic in the next installment. When Bella gets a papercut during the Cullens’ birthday celebration, Jasper loses control and attempts to drain her blood. Despite the Cullens’ efforts to prevent Jasper from hurting Bella, Edward leaves town, separating himself and his whole family from Bella for her protection. She is upset and is having a hard time coping with the loss and looking for soothing behavior to fill the void.

She meets Jacob Black at this point in the movie, and Jacob accompanies her in her newly daredevil activities and helps her get out of her sadness. She misses Edward, but as her relationship with Jacob grows, she begins to love her life again. When Jacob becomes sick one day and emerges as an altered version of himself, things become complex. Bella discovers his secret soon after: he is a werewolf, as are other members of his Quileute clan. Furthermore, they are natural vampire foes, despite their long-standing peace treaty with the Cullens.

Edward and Bella are reconciled when the Volturi are featured at the conclusion of the book and film. These vampires are aristocratic, powerful, and ancient and determine the rules of vampire society like a royal family. Edward believes Bella killed herself when Alice sees her plunging over a cliff. He chooses to put an end to his life by declaring his vampire status in an Italian public piazza in front of the Volturi, who would quickly kill him for exposing their secret to humanity. Bella and Alice arrive just in time to rescue him, but it is disclosed that Bella is familiar with vampires, and the pair is given an ultimatum: either murder Bella or transform her into a vampire.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

The third film is the one in which we finally get to see a narrative element that was introduced at the conclusion of the first. This film focuses on the Cullens’ connection with Victoria and her desire to murder Bella.

The film begins with Victoria transforming a young student called Riley Biers into a vampire in order to get assistance in her plan.

Victoria’s intentions are revealed to the Cullens via Alice’s depictions, and they begin to prepare for her arrival. The gang immediately realizes she is putting together an army of young vampires.

Following this revelation, Edward accompanies Bella to Jacksonville to see her mother, while the rest of the party goes to Forks to take down Victoria. She manages to flee, but not before stepping into werewolf territory, implying that they would now join the conflict.

To counter this, Jasper, who is acquainted with newborns and how they might be used in warfare, prepares the clan for the assault by training them.

Victoria’s army becomes large enough to draw Volturi’s attention; however, Volturi lets the matter between Victoria and the Cullens.

During their graduation celebration party, Alice has another glimpse of the army. Although Jacob is there, he confirms that the werewolves would assist them in battle, much to Bella’s displeasure.

Between the training and the actual battle, we explore the themes introduced in the second film. Rosalie’s history and how she became a vampire are briefly revealed.

She explains that she campaigned against Bella’s transformation because she expected someone to speak in her favor. When she acknowledges that she does not genuinely loathe Bella but rather admires her for her mortality, the two enjoy a fleeting bonding experience.

Bella and Edward had a similar talk about the terms of her vampire transformation. Edward grudgingly agrees to the action, but only if they marry beforehand.

Bella, Edward, and Jacob set up camp on the top of a mountain on the previous day of the battle to protect her. After Jacob kisses Bella, she understands that although she adores Jacob, her emotions for him are comparable to her feelings for Edward.

The battle begins, and the Cullens destroy the army without losing a single member of their group, except Jacob, who is wounded while shielding Leah.

Victoria and Riely track down Bella and Edward but beat them and rejoin the rest of the squad. When the Volturi envoy arrives, Jane notes that Bella still belongs to humanity, but the Cullens retort that by claiming that the date has already been fixed.

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011) - IMDb

The first portion of the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, is divided into two films. Breaking Dawn – Part 1 starts with Bella and Edward’s wedding, a few months after the third installment. Jacob shows up at Bella’s wedding, which is a lovely surprise until he finds Bella and Edward intend to marry on their honeymoon.

In the meantime, Bella becomes pregnant with Edward’s vampire-hybrid kid, whom they name Renesmee and who grows at an alarming pace, putting Bella’s health at risk. When Jacob learns that Bella is pregnant (posing a risk to herself and, according to the Quileute, everyone around her), he gets enraged once again, and the werewolves divide on how to deal with the threat her child poses.

When Bella almost dies during the delivery, Edward turns her into a vampire. Jacob rushes in to murder the kid, but as soon as he meets eyes with her, he “imprints” on her, which is similar to how a Quileute shape-shifter meets its soul mate. Bella was the prospective mother of Jacob’s soulmate, which is why he felt so attracted to her. Renesmee is now secure from werewolves since Quileute law prohibits hurting anybody a member of the tribe has imprinted. The Volturi, whose dramatic finale reappearance was hinted in the post-credits sequence of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, is not so sure.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

In this canonical “Twilight Saga” series viewing sequence, the last film is “Breaking Dawn – Part 2.”

“Breaking Dawn – Part 2” contains one of the most astounding third-act shocks than any M. Night Shyamalan film, and it comes after some great plot developments. We witness Bella ultimately become a vampire in the last “Twilight” film, which compels you to mentally recall all of the knowledge regarding newborn vampires from “Eclipse.”

The Cullens also group up with other werewolves, and also the Cullens’ worldwide network of vampire friends, to combat the Volturi in the final film, which requires you to recall everything you know about vampire abilities from “New Moon.”

In short, “Breaking Dawn – Part 2” does an excellent job of wrapping up a number of major franchise narrative lines, including vampire mythology and Bella’s ever-evolving partnership with Edward and the entire vampire society.

It is rare for a series to land on their feet, so it is encouraging to see “The Twilight Saga” do so with its last installment.

Where Can You See The Twilight Films?

Yes, all of the Twilight movies are now accessible to view on Netflix, as of last week. If you do not have a Netflix membership and still want to see the movies, you can rent them for $3.99 or buy them for $9.99 each on iTunes, Google Play Store, Vudu, Prime Video, and Microsoft Store.

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