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'Twisters' Movie: Thrilling and Science-Backed, Say Its Stars

‘Twisters’ Movie: Thrilling and Science-Backed, Say Its Stars

Almost 30 years have passed since the iconic movie “Twister” hit the big screens, thrilling audiences with its intense portrayal of tornado chasers. Now, a modern adaptation titled “Twisters” brings deadly tornadoes and their chasers back to the forefront with a fresh, contemporary take.

Described by its creators as a “current-day chapter” to its 1996 predecessor, “Twisters” revolves around storm expert Kate Carter, played by Daisy Edgar-Jones, and a chaser and superstar streamer named Tyler Owens, portrayed by Glen Powell. Their lives intersect dramatically during a once-in-a-generation tornado outbreak in Oklahoma.

Directed by Lee Isaac Chung, known for “Minari,” in his debut action movie, “Twisters” showcases advanced technology and a new breed of thrill-seekers who command large social media followings. “This is a new chapter. This is just a modern telling of that same community that audiences responded to in ’96,” Powell mentioned at the film’s premiere in London. Edgar-Jones added, “Audiences can expect lots of fun, lots of thrills and just to strap in and go on the ride.”

Glen Powell’s character, Owens, is a former rodeo star and self-described “tornado wrangler” leading a spirited team persistently courting danger. The Texas 35-year-old actor felt a strong connection with both the original and the rebooted films. “When I was like nine years old, there was a tornado that went through Jarrell, Texas, and we were on the road to my aunt’s ranch and got kind of stuck in it. It was a really terrifying thing… But we cleaned up after that tornado. It’s one of those things that imprints on you for the rest of your life,” Powell shared.

Powell elaborated that the movie isn’t just about storms but also about community resilience in the face of disasters. “It’s a thing that affects a lot of people, and not just tornadoes but weather all over the planet. I think this is a universal movie for that reason.”

“Twisters,” penned by Mark L. Smith, was developed with input from meteorologists, climate scientists, and real-life storm chasers, according to director Chung. “We had people working on the forefront of climate science and also tornado science. We tried to incorporate as much of that into this film as possible to honor what is actually happening and also honor the scientists who are heroes in many ways. If we’re going to look to any solutions, we have to look to the scientists,” he explained.

Chung hopes “Twisters” will inspire future generations, much like its predecessor did. “That first film inspired so many people to get into weather science and research. I would love if that would happen with this movie, that we would inspire a new generation of people to want to research and get out there and study.”

“Twisters” is set to begin its global cinematic release on July 10.

Source: Reuters, Particlenews