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Twisters Star Daisy Edgar-Jones Shares Details of Meeting 'The One' Glenn Powell

Twisters Star Daisy Edgar-Jones Shares Details of Meeting ‘The One’ Glenn Powell

Daisy Edgar-Jones has shared a heartwarming memory about her first meeting with Glenn Powell, which ultimately led to his casting in the movie *Twisters*. While attending the UK premiere in Leicester Square, Daisy, who plays storm chaser Kate Cooper in the film, discussed the strong on-screen chemistry she shares with Glenn.

When asked if she had met Glenn prior to the film, Daisy fondly remembered their initial encounter. “Do you know what, we had met actually,” she started. “Glenn came to the premiere of *Fresh* a few years ago – I met him then and he was lovely.” This pleasant memory was a key factor when discussions began about casting Glenn for the role of Tyler Owens, the leader of the Tornado Wranglers.

“I was so excited when they were thinking about who to cast for Tyler and I was like ‘Glenn is the one.’ He’s just the loveliest person and we just had so much fun, we had such a great laugh the whole time,” Daisy added, expressing her enthusiasm for working with him again.

*Twisters*, a standalone sequel to the 1996 film *Twister*, centers around Kate Cooper, a storm chaser haunted by a traumatic tornado encounter. Persuaded by her friend Javi, played by Anthony Ramos, to test a new tracking system, Kate ends up crossing paths with Tyler Owens, a social media star known for his storm-chasing exploits.

As storm season intensifies, the two teams, led by Kate and Tyler, clash with one another. With multiple storm systems forming over central Oklahoma, they are faced with a life-threatening challenge.

At the London premiere, director Lee Isaac Chung shared his experience working with Daisy and Glenn on the disaster movie. “It was really great, they’re a lot of fun,” he said. “The reason why I cast them was because when I’d watched things that they were in, I would feel like they must be incredible people to be friends with. That was so true! As soon as I met them, it felt like old friends and they kept that energy throughout the production. They really are amazing and incredible people.”

Executive producer Ashley Jay Sandberg echoed these sentiments. “They’re magic. The two of them together, and Anthony too, the chemistry is there, and you can’t make it up. They were good friends and they had a really great time making this movie. I’m so proud of them and the work they did on this film,” said Sandberg, emphasizing the natural rapport among the cast members.

With such talented actors and a capable crew behind it, audiences are eagerly anticipating *Twisters*. The film promises to deliver thrilling storm-chasing adventures and strong interpersonal dynamics, drawing both fans of the original movie and new viewers alike.

Mark your calendars, as *Twisters* is set to premiere in UK cinemas on 17 July and in US theatres on 19 July.

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