Twitch against hate raids: verified chat and new measures to combat it

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Twitch has updated its moderation toolkit with the arrival of phone verified chat and more settings for email verification. Amazon, in its quest to offer more control over the chat experience and “optimize security” of both creators and viewers of the platform, thus combat the emerging phenomenon of hatred, transphobia, racism and sexism present in a visible way.

Verified chat is here on Twitch: what it is and how it works

“All manner of hate and harassment is unacceptable and prohibited on Twitch, whether in the form of an offensive message, malicious follow-ups, or the nasty ‘hate raids’ attacks that targeted marginalized creators in recent months,” begins Twitch. in your statement.

The chat verified it will give creators more control of who participates in the chats. For example, it may be a requirement that viewers participating in the chat verify their mobile phone. From now on “creators can use verification by mail and phone together to meet their specific needs.” The release explains how to enable this verified chat system.

On the other hand, to avoid evasion of a ban, “If a site-wide phone verified account is suspended, all accounts linked to that number site-wide will also be suspended.” Those users will not be able to verify additional accounts using a phone number linked to a suspended account.

“Our efforts to make Twitch a safer place will never end,” declares Twitch in its quest to combat online hate and harassment. “As toxic behaviors continue to creep into our communities, we must continue to work on methods to make it more difficult to do so.”

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The effects of the September 1 strike: #ADayoffTwitch

After the collective strike by a multitude of content creators on September 1 under the slogan #ADayoffTwitch, which sought to end racism, homophobia, harassment and sexist behaviors caused by raids inciting hatred, Amazon has responded to this demand from its creators. But what are the raids of hate? The raids they are migrations of viewers from one channel to another as soon as the broadcast ends. In this way, other channels – usually smaller creators – can benefit from an audience boost.

The problem comes when these are misused raids and it is sent en masse to toxic communities that seek to demotivate, insult and harass those people, generally belonging to discriminated groups in our society (LGTBIQ + group, overweight people, people with physical defects or deformations …).

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