Twitch confirms a 20% reduction in the price of subscriptions in Spain

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Twitch announces in Spain the 20% reduction in the price of subscriptions. Of the 4.99 euros that it cost until now, now you can join your favorite channels from 3.99 euros. The launch will be gradual, so not all users will see the new price at the moment. It will begin to be available from the week of August 9.

Twitch moves to regional pricing

The change does not come as a surprise. In recent months the company had already indicated that prices were going to rotate depending on the region. “There are two reasons to change prices by region,” begins Twitch in an entry on his official blog. “The first thing is that viewers have shared with us that you want to be able to support creators and help their communities no matter where they live. And second is that creators will benefit in the long run as subscriptions become something more viewers around the world can face. “

Twitch claims that some fans had complained that “It was not fair” be able to afford a subscription in some areas of the planet. Tier 1 web subscription equaled $ 4.99 in each country, which “made it difficult for many viewers to support their favorite creators, while preventing creators from growing their communities.”

The numbers, according to them, “Are clearly reflected”. “The percentage of active users in Europe and Asia that support creators with subscriptions is almost 50% lower than in North America. In Latin America, it is close to 80% less ”. Therefore, they seek to match prices, in some countries with a value lower than the price in dollars, to facilitate the entry of new users to the subscription wheel.

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