Twitter censored Zack Snyder for his image of Batman and Catwoman!

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Censorship over censorship! The image that Zack Snyder posted with the Batman and Batwoman sex scene that was deleted by DC Comics, was also deleted by Twitter. The post got thousands of likes, but the photo is now not available on the bird’s social network. What happened and what were the reasons?

The publication was last Thursday after the controversy that arose because Justin Halpern, producer of the Harley Quinn series, revealed that the franchise had prohibited him from adding an explicit sex sequence between the Night Hair and Catwoman to the show. The reason? Simply because heroes don’t do that. Snyder picked up on the news and it generated even more controversy.

The director of Justice League shared one of the scenes that Halpern talked about and broke the networks. He had 329 thousand likes and thousands of other comments about his risky photo. A Spoiler poll found that 54% liked the representation, but 27% It seemed to him that it is not for DC Comics. Click here to see it.


Twitter censored Zack Snyder for his photo of Batman and Catwoman

However, the one who decidedly did not think the post was correct went to Twitter. The social network censored the image and instead put a warning sign: “Image not displayed. This image was removed in response to a report filed by the copyright owner.”. Namely, DC asked that the drawing be removed.

Will it be a bill pass for his showdown with Warner Bros? Snyder has been fiercely opposed to WB officials since the Justice League ended and his relationship with the DCEU was at least damaged. He even went so far as to say that the production company is “anti-Snyder.” This incident on Twitter confirms it.

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