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Twitter Increases Character Limit to 10,000 for Writing Lengthy Messages

Twitter Increases Character Limit to 10,000

Twitter is one of the social networks in which being brief is rewarded. So much so that you have a limit to write each message. However, one of the novelties that promised to arrive with the entry of Elon Musk was a new increase in the length of the messages that were published.

It seems that day has arrived and, finally, you can send messages of 10,000 characters.

A Significant Change for Twitter

Rarely does such a small change mean so much for a platform. Sometimes we talk about this in design-related news, but a change in the main features of an application can completely change it at the design level for all its followers.

The last time something similar happened, Jack Dorsey was in charge and practically doubled the number of characters that every post on the microblogging social network has today. Now it is possible to write up to 208 characters, but this is if you are one of the thousands of free users.

Twitter Lets You Create Messages of Up to 10,000 Characters

Until a few months ago, Twitter increased the number exponentially from 280 to 4,000, but today marks a big new day for the platform. And it is that the number adds up to more than half of this number. Without further ado, Twitter now lets you create messages of up to 10,000 characters without adding any threads to link messages to.

Of course, you should know that this feature is not available for all users. And it is that unless you have paid for Twitter Blue you will only have 280 characters as now.

Initial Errors with New Feature

As it usually happens in some cases, the new features do not usually work well at the beginning and there are errors that must be solved. The arrival of 10,000 characters has not been an isolated case, since as we saw in the previous tweet, the button to show more (because the message is not displayed in its entirety from the beginning) is repeated continuously and makes it difficult to follow the feed.

The same has happened to another important point of the app, which is that the texts with bold or italics were modified. in some versions of iOS, Android and the web, showing quite erratic behaviour.

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