Twitter introduces tip function: worldwide payments in Bitcoin are also possible

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Twitter is introducing a tip function worldwide – payments with Bitcoin are also possible. A banknote symbol will soon appear next to the follow button on some Twitter profiles. This means that users can send a tip. Twitter is introducing the function worldwide after a test run. The accounts that have activated receiving tips can be recognized by a banknote symbol next to the follow button.

The function will initially be introduced on the iPhone and will also follow in a few weeks for devices with Android, the short message service announced on Thursday. Twitter does not process the transfers itself, but lets the profiles integrate payment service providers, to whom the users are then forwarded.

Twitter tries to fill a gap with the possibility of earning money via the tip function. Parts of the user base have switched to other services, for example Patreon. Payments are also possible in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This is the best solution for regions in which the supply of banking services is weak, said the Twitter manager responsible for the project, Esther Crawford.

In addition, Twitter is experimenting with innovations that should make everyday life with the short message service safer, such as a safety mode. Accounts that send offensive or hateful messages to the user are automatically blocked for seven days. A function that enables unobtrusive unfollowing of others is also currently being tested.

Product manager Kayvon Beykpour emphasized that Twitter will accelerate the pace of innovation and also get rid of unpopular functions more quickly. “You won’t see us clinging to things that don’t work,” he said.

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Back in July, Twitter had declared its experiment with tweets that disappeared by themselves had failed after less than a year. The fleets, which were only introduced worldwide last November, did not, as hoped, have encouraged more users to post more on the service, it said.


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