Twitter joins other platforms that censor bullfighting and blocks an account about a Spanish bullfighter for promoting sadistic pleasure

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Twitter blocked this Sunday an account dedicated to the Spanish bullfighter Morante de la Puebla after he posted several videos of the bullfight that he carried out this Saturday in the city of Algeciras, in southern Spain.

The platform considers that it is “free bloody scenes” and that promote “sadistic pleasure.” Twitter thus joins other social networks that have decided to remove bullfighting content from their spaces, such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

The Twitter profile sanctioned this weekend has uploaded a screenshot of the reasons that the social network alleges to temporarily block the account, in which it says that “exposure to free bloody scenes can be harmful, especially if the content is published with the intention of provoke delight in cruelty or for sadistic pleasure “, for which the two publications referred to violated their rules of use.

People linked to the world of bullfighting, such as the bullfighter Manuel Díaz ‘el Cordobés’, have shown their support for Morante de la Puebla and have described what happened as “censorious attitude”. Joaquín Moeckel has expressed himself along the same lines, who has been the bullfighter’s lawyer on several occasions, and who has maintained in an interview on public television that it is a legal activity in Spain and that Twitter should respect national legislation.

Trend among social networks

The attitude of Twitter follows in the wake of other social networks. At the end of last year the video platform Vimeo began to eliminate the accounts of bullfighting content, considering that they show content “illegal or of excessive violence“that would violate your terms of use.

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Before Vimeo, it was the massive YouTube that began the elimination of bullfighting-themed recordings. For its part, Instagram does host these images, but with warnings about its content. And more recently TikTok decided not to allow its broadcast.

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