Twitter verification: what it is and how to order

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Each Internet user has a personal account on social networks. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat … and so on with many, but it is true that there are users who want to impersonate these celebrities and attract their followers. Therefore, and to prevent these accounts from staining the name of real users, Twitter has an account verification feature designed for those public figures. If you’ve ever seen it We tell what it is and how it is requested.

What is it and how to get verified from Twitter

If you are a user of the bird’s social network, surely you follow more than one celebrity. Politicians, athletes, models are some of the most common examples, but you will only know that they are really them with a simple icon. It’s about the so-called ‘Twitter verified‘which is that blue medal with a tick that guarantees that the account is official of that character. This assumes that the social network has verified that the user behind that account is the real one and is not a fake or fan club account.

Now, getting it is another story. Twitter does not give the verified since 2017, when it was discovered that he had awarded the blue icon to the account of Jason Kessler, organizer of the Charlottesville Supremacist March in the United States, which ended in the death of one person. This led Twitter to pause its verification system until it found a way to improve it, and focus it on verifying almost only political and health authorities.

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But in 2020, the social network announced that it will change the terms of its application.. And the process officially started last Friday, January 22. Although Twitter also has the power to remove the blue badge from those accounts that, under the new conditions, are inactive or incomplete. Users who do not meet the new verification requirements and may lose the badge will be notified of the changes they will need to make to keep it and avoid automatic removal.

What does it mean to get verified?

Twitter is clear that it wants to become an Internet site where the information given is true. Of course there are humor and parody accounts, but it seeks to give priority to all accounts that have something important or relevant to say in one way or another. For this reason there is the verified Twitter, so that users keep in mind that it is the official account of a user, brand or medium.

This assumes that public account (of which everyone can see the content) get or experience a significant user upload and all for the reason we mentioned before: credibility. Twitter’s seal of trust It is only delivered to accounts that are official and active, which have that commitment to always tell the truth either about themselves or about a topic they discuss. This is a great commitment and, as if that were not enough, they become recommenders. That is to say, help to verify other official accounts.

How to request verification of your Twitter account in 2021

The process will include asking applicants to select a category for their verified status and confirming their identity through links and other supporting materials. The requirements that Twitter asks for a full account is:

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– Email address or a verified phone number

– A profile picture

– A profile name

To request verification:

1- Enter the Twitter settings

2- Find the section ‘Bill’

3- Inside you will see the section of ‘Personal / Account Information ‘, and in the middle of the list the new function ‘Request Verification’.

Twitter has indicated that it plans to “use both automated and human review processes to ensure that we are reviewing applications carefully and in a timely manner. We also plan to give individuals the option to share demographic information after completing the new verification request so that we can better measure and improve the fairness of our verification process. “

Who are candidates to verify their accounts

Twitter has taken the opportunity to include in its policies new categories for the types of accounts that are candidates for verification:

Existing categories to verify Twitter account

– Government
– Entertainment
– Companies
– Brands
– Non-profit organizations
– News
– Sports
– Activists
– Organizations
– Other influential individuals

New categories 2021

– Journalists
– sports
– Digital content creators

Next categories

At the moment they are included in the category of activists, organizations and other influential individuals, but soon the accounts of:

– Academics
– Scientists
– Religious leaders


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