Twitter will allow you to remove followers without having to block them

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It has ever happened to everyone that after meeting someone at a meeting or event, you have found yourself in the commitment of having to follow him on Twitter and he has also become one of your followers. Now, after doing so, we may soon regret it, although the truth is that it is too late. In this case, Twitter does not allow the option to remove that follower, but the only option it gives us is to directly block it. Well, it seems this could change very soon, since Twitter would already be testing this new option.

You will no longer have to block

Without a doubt, this is a feature that many users will welcome with open arms. And it is that today, there are many who do not dare to block some of their followers but would like to eliminate them. The truth is that the fact of having to block someone that we do not want to follow us is a pretty drastic decision, especially when we do not have a compelling reason to do so.

In this case, there are people who do not shake their pulse and do not hesitate to do so, but there are many others who have been crying out for this function for a long time. Luckily, Twitter would already be testing the web version to fine-tune this long-awaited function, which later will also be included in the app.

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Steps to follow to remove a follower on Twitter

This way we can eliminate those followers that we do not want to see everything we tweet and have greater control of who exactly sees all our publications, profile, etc. To do this, all we have to do is open the app or the Twitter site, touch on the photo of our profile and then click on Followers.

Once we are in front of the list of all our followers, we select the profile that we want to delete and then we touch on the three dots button shown at the top. Next, the menu options will be displayed and that is where we will find the new option Delete follower. As you may have noticed, these are the same steps we have to do right now to block one of our followers.

There is no exact date yet for the arrival of this function, which on the other hand, might not be the only one to arrive soon. In recent months there has been talk that Twitter would also be working on other functions such as removing the tag from a conversation, the option to twitter close friends, the search for archived tweets or even the possibility of hiding the tweets that we liked .


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