Twitter will let you control the video playback speed

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Social networks have all kinds of content that you can view whenever and wherever you want. And it does not matter which one you choose, both videos, audio files or photographs, everything that is uploaded to the network, but users are becoming more and more demanding in that sense and demand some functions that they have in rival applications. And this is something that has fixed Twitter with its new video playback speed control.

More control over Twitter videos

Multimedia content is one of the most consumed on the Internet. You find it everywhere, and if not, the safest thing is that someone will end up giving you the most fashionable one. But when it comes to watching them on Twitter, some want to have full control of the playback, and that doesn’t just require a flexible timeline.

Here we talk about a feature that has been working on YouTube for years that is none other than the speed control of the videos. And it is that as we see in the account of Jane Manchun Wong the company has placed the controller right in the settings section. These are simple to handle, since you only have to choose the speed increase or decrease. In total there are four options to choose from, which are the slow speed of 0.5x, the normal one that is the rate at which the video actually goes and two more of fast forward that go from 1.5 to 2x.

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As we have told you, this feature has its place in the part of the settings of the video itself. You will find this in the gear icon at the end of the video’s time bar.

A feature WhatsApp has recently joined

That Twitter already has a function to control the speed of a video it is something that could be classified as a logical evolution. Considering what was seen in other applications that have multimedia, it was a matter of time before the bird’s app had its moment to introduce a feature such as controlling the playback speed. And if we remember, WhatsApp recently added speed control in voice notes, which you can listen to faster if you want that note to end before what it says in the message.


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