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Twitter will let you sell products through its new store

If the Internet has achieved something, it is to connect all the people of the world in the same place and with different concerns. Forums, blogs and social networks have helped many users to comment, share opinions and, of course, buy those products recommended by others. Therefore, any company will be delighted to have the more windows the better, something that will happen with the new store feature that Twitter will open very soon.

Twitter will have a new sales module very soon

One of the things that has improved thanks to the Internet has been commerce. Anyone who has a store can sell through the Internet with the prices they want and, if possible, to everyone. This is what helps the most, to connect everyone with your space where you offer your products. The best thing is to have a website with sales options in this case, but social networks also help a lot in this regard.

And this is where Twitter wants to do its bit with the development of a new store function. As it counts Twitter on your own blogThe company is in the process of studying this feature and they confirm this by saying that with it “we will explore how our engaged, receptive and conversational audience reacts to products that are charged with emotions, such as a new jersey of their favorite sports team.”

For now, this Twitter sales module will be available to some users in the United States and can only be accessed if you are a user of the iOS system. As you can see in the image, it is a carousel with items that you can sell and in which a photo, product name and a brief description of the product appear.

Just like Facebook does

That Twitter has an option to sell items It is not a great novelty, but a response to fight against their fierce competition. And it is that already on Facebook you can buy all kinds of objects as long as a brand has this option. As we told you, the function is in the testing phase in the United States and, if all goes well, it will arrive in a final version for everyone. We would only have to wait to know if in this case the function lasts longer than the Fleets, the Stoires of Twitter that have only lasted 8 months.


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