Two 18-year-old twin sisters were executed in an Instagram live broadcast

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Two 18-year-old twin sisters were executed in an Instagram live broadcast

Two twin sisters just 18 years old they were executed from multiple headshots at point blank range and the gloomy episode was broadcast live on Instagram, causing a huge social stir. The chilling event occurred in the Pacajus microregion, in the state of Ceará, in the north of Brazil, for which there is already a detainee.

The filming of the bloody murder was broadcast live on the social network Instagram, and since then the video images have been seen thousands of times on the Internet, where it can still be found. It is believed that the two girls, called Amalia Alves Y Amanda Alves, They were murdered for a question related to drug trafficking. Apparently, both sisters had compromising information about the criminal gang that ended up taking their lives.

The corpses were found a few hours later on the side of a road behind a housing complex, where it is suspected that the drug traffickers have their “execution court.”

The two young women they were mothers: Amanda had a three-year-old girl, while her sister had a baby only six months old, according to the “Daily Mail.”

In the last hours, for the double homicide, a 17-year-old teenager, identified as Matthew Abreu, who is being questioned by the police. It should be noted that the young accused have multiple criminal records: they were told at least seven previous arrests on charges that include illegal possession of a weapon, robbery and intentional bodily injury, according to the Brazilian newspaper “Diario do Noreste”.

As can be seen in the images, the girls were forced to collect their hair in a bun before the murderer (supposedly Abreu) ​​brought the weapon to the back of their skull. He then fired the fatal bullets at point-blank range.

Once they were lying on the floor, the defendant approached both of them and He finished them off with several more shots.

Before the noise of the shots, the residents of the area frantically called the police who were present at the scene. Later the lifeless bodies of the women were found where they had been savagely murdered.

Although Brazilian authorities have yet to reveal the specific motive for the street executions, Brasilia Newspaper reported that it was because the sisters they knew “too much” about some incidents involving local drug traffickers. However, the case is still under investigation.

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