Two ISS astronauts successfully complete a spacewalk (and burn more than 1,500 calories each)

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Astronauts Akihiko Hoshide, from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, and Thomas Pesquet, from the European Space Agency, successfully completed a spacewalk this Sunday that was intended to prepare the International Space Station to receive additional energy in the form of new solar panels.

During the spacewalk, which lasted 6 hours and 54 minutes – from 12:15 (GMT) to 19:09 (GMT) – the astronauts burned between 1,500 and 3,000 calories each, according to NASA.

Hoshide and Pesquet successfully assembled and attached a bracket to prepare for future installation of the laboratory’s third solar panel in orbit, NASA noted in a release. The crew also replaced a device that measures the electrical charge potential of the arrays and associated surfaces in their proximity.

This has been the fourth spacewalk for Hoshide (which accumulates a total of 28 hours and 17 minutes outside the station) and the sixth for Pesquet (which adds up to 39 hours and 54 minutes).

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