Two Mauritanian miners die of asphyxiation in a gold mining pit

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Two Mauritanian miners die of asphyxiation in a gold mining pit

Nouakchott – Two Mauritanian miners died Friday inside an exploration shaft in gold In the region of Cheggat, in the north of the country, according to EFE learned from a security source in the city of Zouerate (more than 600 kilometers north of Nouakchott).

A third miner was able to get out of the shaft in critical condition, the source said, adding that the probable cause of death was asphyxiation from smoke from a fire.

This Thursday a fire was made in the well to facilitate the excavation and clearing of rocks, said the same source, which evokes a common practice in gold washing in Mauritania.

This morning two miners entered to check the condition of the shaft but never returned.

After a few hours of waiting and worry, a third miner entered the shaft to find out their situation and found them dead. Upon entering, he also suffered symptoms of suffocation and had to be evacuated to Zouerate hospital.

Despite the fact that gold laundering in Mauritania is under the supervision of a state institution responsible for its regulation, this activity suffers from a number of shortcomings, first of all, security problems.

The most common cause of the many deaths that occur is the collapse of the shafts on the miners inside them, especially since the means of rescue at the site are still very insufficient technically and numerically.

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