Two NBA stars will lose more than $ 15 million each this season if they do not get vaccinated against covid-19

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Basketball players Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets) and Andrew Wiggins (Golden State Warriores), NBA stars, will lose more than $ 15 million each this season if they do not get vaccinated against COVID-19, reported Wednesday TMZ.

The authorities of the cities of New York and San Francisco, where the pavilions of their respective teams are located, recently issued respective decrees that force players to be inoculated against the new disease in order to play matches.

In parallel, the National Basketball Association, which has not made it mandatory for players to be vaccinated, has announced that basketball players who have not been inoculated against the coronavirus will not charge for those games that are lost for this reason.

As usual, this season each team will play a total of 82 games, half of them at home. This means that these basketball players would miss the 41 games that their respective franchises plan to play at home.

In the case of Irving, who the US media attributes to having contacted social media accounts that promote rejection of vaccination, he would lose about $ 17.5 million for missing games with the Nets.

Wiggins, for his part, who is determined not to be inoculated despite the fact that it goes against the wishes of the Warriors, he would lose about $ 15.8 million due to the inability to play half the games this season.

This Tuesday LeBron James, star of the Los Angeles Lakers, confirmed that he is immunized with an anticovid-19 drug even though, initially, he had an incredulous attitude towards vaccines. The athlete said that, after investigating the issue, he and his family chose to be vaccinated.

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