Two policemen injured and use of dynamite: the protest of coca growers in Bolivia who reject the new directive of their association in La Paz continues

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This Monday, two Bolivian policemen were injured during new acts of violence by coca growers, who refuse to accept the new directive of the Departmental Association of Coca Producers (Adepcoca), which groups together coca leaf producers from Los Yungas, a region located in the department of La Paz.

On Monday’s day there were clashes with security agents and protesters they broke through at the point of dynamite, driving back the uniformed and with the purpose of reaching the Adepcoca headquarters, which is located in the Villa Fátima neighborhood of La Paz and where, in addition, one of the two legal markets authorized for the sale of coca in the country operates , reviewed the newspaper Now the people.


In response, the uniformed men fired tear gas to try to stop the advance of the protesters.

The fight

Adepcoca is contested by two groups. That of Armin Lluta, elected and inaugurated as president of the association in December of last year, in the middle of a legal dispute, due to an injunction filed by another board of directors that demanded representation; and that of Arnold Alanes, recently elected to the position and whose leadership has been recognized by the Government.

The dispute dates back to last September 20, when the new board of directors, headed by Alanes, took control and headquarters of the association’s market in La Paz.

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The demonstrations are from the group related to Lluta; although there is also a group called the Adepcoca Self-Defense Committee, led by Wilder Vargas, which has confronted the Police and claims not to defend either of the two boards.

Over the weekend there was a truce in the conflict, but for this Monday, assemblies were called by the groups in dispute.

The assembly called by Alanes was taking place, but had to be suspended before the pitched battle that starred, a few blocks away, the group related to Lluta and the Police.

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