Two Russian Navy ships anchor off Algeria after not receiving authorization from Spain to do so in Ceuta

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a destructor and a Russian tugboat anchored this week 46 kilometers from the coast from Algeria, after Spain denied them permission to make a stopover at the port of Ceuta, report Interfax, citing social media posts from observers in Gibraltar.

The newspaper El País reported the day before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain did not authorize the visit of the Vitseadmiral Kulakov and the tugboat Altai, requested for the period between August 18 and 20, citing lack of information on the part of Russia on the end point of the trip, with which it was wanted to avoid any conflictive situation.

According to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs quoted by El Confidencial, the requirement of the Spanish authorities had not been satisfied.

However, a representative of the Russian Embassy in Madrid told journalists on Friday that “the necessary information was provided in a timely manner“.

The subsequent actions of the two Russian ships, with about 350 crew in total, they have not been disclosed.

The practice of regular calls by Russian warships in this Spanish port in Africa was common between 2010 and 2016, when some 60 views with more than 10,000 crew members, who injected into the port economy around 4.5 million euros in full, as assessed by local authorities.

The practice ceased in October 2016 due to the discontent of several NATO allied countries, such as the United Kingdom, who criticized Madrid for supporting the Russian Navy, which participated in operations in Syria.

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