Two Tennessee divorcees celebrate the end of their marriages with original yard decorations

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Decorative patio signs became a very popular trend during the on , especially from people who wanted to celebrate important milestones in their lives while respecting social distance; however, two residents of the area of , , made headlines on more than one social network by using this method to celebrate their recent divorces, the channel’s news reported .

But before meeting the protagonists of this singular historyWe must first find out who is the person behind this thriving business. Is about Amanda Higgs, who started at the beginning of last year and has not stopped working since. “The graduation season is crazy as are the birthdays and birth announcements. The ‘COVID babies’ are the most popular right now “, said the businesswoman.

The motto of her venture is that, if she “He can spell it in your yard, he’ll put it in your yard”, but a request never received before put it to the test since it is not something that one usually shows the world from the facade of their home: we are talking about the request for “Divorced AF” (phrase that in Spanish would be translated as “Finally divorced” albeit with louder words) that came as a surprise to a recently divorced man.

“His friends called me and said, ‘He’s going through a long divorce process and we just want to make him laugh a little, relax because divorces are difficult. They’re not funny at all. ‘”, Higgs recalled about the order he received that was made viral in a short time after a tiktoker a video showing it and an influencer through a photo on your page Facebook.

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Even a local divorce lawyer began using the aforementioned decoration seen in the viral video to promote his work. Interestingly, all of this was happening while another person from the Memphis He had the same idea in parallel and asked one to another company that specializes in these kinds of announcements to celebrate the end of his marriage in a big way.

“I think it was April 6 when they contacted me and asked me”, he pointed Devon Phillips to the aforementioned television station. “Again, he told me this is something unheard of, but we don’t shy away from challenges. We never expected it to have such a reception “added the owner of , whose business – in his own words – is dedicated to “Celebrate life and its milestones, regardless of the occasion”.

“If you want us to go and ‘sequester’ your patio because you are celebrating the end of this chapter of your life, we are the ones, we are here to help you because it is our job and that is how we see it”, he said about his work that went viral after a He spoke in one of his videos of YouTube the photo that his client had taken and that he himself shared in his social networks.

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