Two years ago Redfall was thought to be The Elder Scrolls 6 due to a curious leak

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Two years ago Redfall was thought to be The Elder Scrolls 6 due to a curious leak

After years of speculation, we finally know what Redfall will be and it definitely has nothing to do with The Elder Scrolls 6. Speculation started in early 2019, when it was revealed that ZeniMax Media (Bethesda) was on disputes over the term Redfall. ZeniMax first introduced this name in September 2018.

The presentation unleashed some speculation that The Elder Scrolls 6 would be called Redfall, a term that first appeared in the adventure game Redguard in 1998. It didn’t make much sense, as most of The Elder Scrolls games are named after places, and Redfall has never appeared in the franchise’s history. on a map.

We still don’t know much about The Elder Scrolls 6. At the moment, Bethesda seems to be focused on Starfield, whose release date has been confirmed for November 2022. Redfall will also be out next year. In fact, we remind you that the Starfield trailer could have a clue about the setting of The Elder Scroll 6.

Now we know that Redfall will be a cooperative open world shooter from Arkane Studios, which will star vampires, which are certainly present in the Elder Scrolls universe, but which in this case are the result of a laboratory accident.

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