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Tyga and Sabrina Claudio Spark Relationship Rumors

What is it — the braids???
Source: Araya Doheny / Tim Mosenfelder / Getty

Sabrina Claudio and Tyga stirred up quite a buzz on social media this week, sharing a collaboration post featuring three photos of them together. Claudio sported a bikini, while Tyga rocked a tropical ombre tie-dye outfit. The duo looked close, hugging and making kissy faces.

Many noted the resemblance between Claudio and Kylie Jenner, sparking a wave of curiosity. Are they debuting a new relationship or teasing a new song?

Based on a comment from Spotify on the post, “tyga and sabrina summer fr,” it seems likely that a catchy pop soul track with a versatile verse feature may be on the horizon.

The internet was quick to remind that this coupling isn’t without controversy. Claudio had faced backlash six years ago over a series of racist tweets, despite issuing a formal apology. The public reaction remains largely unforgiving.

Here are some reactions from social media:

“It’s really mad funny to me when non black woman put their racism away just a lil to date a black man. Didn’t Sabrina Claudio have a lot to say about BW?”

“It’s still f**k Sabrina Claudio for me”

“Tyga and sabrina cloudy dating really feels on brand. She got caught being a wild racist and he coached Kylie into being his emotional support wigger. Match made in heaven”

There was also some Tyga-related hate, particularly from those who fancy Claudio.

“I fell to my knees at work today when I saw a post on Instagram of Sabrina Claudio with Tyga announcing their relationship”

“Tyga bagging Sabrina Claudio got me super hating BTW.”

“Someone needs to tell Kendrick that Tyga was the one telling Drake that Kendrick’s kids weren’t his so he can take Tyga out too for the culture”

“Sabrina Claudio and tyga together… truly hate it”

“Finding out Sabrina Claudio is dating Tyga has ruined my night.”

“Got hit by a car Friday, fractured bone in my wrist and one in my back, yet seeing that Tyga bagged Sabrina Claudio was the worst thing that happened to me the last couple days”

The internet is indeed full of strong opinions. Will Sabrina and Tyga’s collaboration turn into a hit or will it falter right out of the gate? Only time will tell.

Source: Particle News