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Tyla’s Sultry Performance of “Jump” at 2024 BET Awards

Tyla made a powerful statement at the 2024 BET Awards by dedicating her Best New Artist award to Africa, expressing her desire to represent her home continent proudly. Her performance of “Jump” during the award show was a testament to that commitment.

The show began with Skillibeng delivering a verse accompanied by male dancers moving in minimal lighting. As the lights brightened, Tyla descended from the ceiling on a rope contraption, landing in a cage. She then sang her iconic line, “They never seen a pretty girl from Joburg, they see me now, and it’s what they prefer.” The scene featured dancers dressed as a tiger within the cage, with Tyla eventually escaping and prowling around the stage.

As the chorus hit, the “Queen of Popiano” danced to the center stage, joining her background dancers who were dressed in vibrant beige and orange costumes that matched the heavy African aesthetic of the stage setup. It was a visual and auditory delight that left the audience in awe.

Gunna followed with his performance, delivering his verse in front of a prop elephant adorned with a ladder. Tyla joined the Atlanta rapper, performing her signature “Water” dance to the sultry afrobeat rhythm as the stage lights glowed in orange and purple hues.

That evening was particularly special for Tyla as she took home two awards, winning Best International Artist and Best New Artist. She had also been nominated in the Best Female R&B/Pop Artist category. Before her triumphant night at the BET Awards, the international sensation had already earned her first Grammy award in February for her hit single “Water.”

In a heartfelt interview with People, Tyla shared her feelings about what she described as a “surreal” moment. She reflected, “Hearing my name, being able to get on that stage and say a whole speech was crazy, especially considering my age and how early I am in my career. I didn’t expect that honestly, but I’m just so grateful that it happened. It’s history. It’s such a big moment for home. I couldn’t be happier, really.”

The night was a significant milestone not only for Tyla but also for her fans and supporters back in Africa. Her dedication and joy were evident throughout her performance and acceptance speeches, making it clear that she is passionate about putting her continent on the global stage.

Her exceptional talent and heartfelt commitment to her roots have undoubtedly solidified her place as one of the most promising new artists in the music industry today.

Source: People, BET Awards