Tyler Mahoney – All About this Amazing Woman in Mining Business

By: Belu Di Lorenzo

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What might seem easy may be challenging. Getting deep down the earth and finding the most precious material takes work. It requires skills and a lot of experience in the field to hit the job perfectly. You never know what is hidden inside those large rocks. When you need to take a step back and find your safe place.

Well, for a stylist digging gold is a regular job. Her family has been doing the same profession for ages. Her entire life, she has gained experience from her family, and now she is herself conquering the world. But there’s a lot more to know about her. Some unknown facts are hidden from the outside world. Let us know more about her in the further segment.

Who Is Tyler Mahoney?

Tyler was born in western Australia, Kalgoorlie, on March 03, 1997. Her family has been in the mining business for over a decade. She is the fourth generation prospector in her family. In the game of 24, she has made a big contribution to her family business. Both of her parents have been prospecting golf for more than 50 years. They also own a gold shop in their hometown for the last ten years and are well known for selling tons of gold from the shop. 

There has yet to be any information about her siblings on the internet. As per the social media reach, she is only available on Instagram and Facebook. She has a huge fan following on the online platform. Her fans also want her to be part of the Twitter family. She has not shown any interest in coming to any other media. 

Tyler has completed her undergraduate degree from Curtin University. After completing the course, she returned to the family to give her hand to the family business. She assisted her family members in mining one of the old gold mines in Western Australia. There she latent the valuable information about mining and the real knowledge protesters carry about the art. She understands that if it does not pass to the next generation, all the experience and knowledge will go to vain because this will help the future generation not to respect their elders’ mistakes. So she decided to join the prospectors club. 

Prospectors club is the club that teaches the basic knowledge of mines and mining. She works as the director there. Along with her family, she leads the next generation about the work of mines. Tyler is also one of the famous stars of Austin gold hunters, along with the twenty-seven old user’s parker. She hunts for gold. The shoe runs from May 2017 to February 2019. She is the eye candy of the series, which has successfully given the show colors through her knowledge. 

Besides the mining business, she also owns a brand called Taylor. She makes bathing suit lines and sustainable jewelry. She promotes her brand through her Instagram posts. She is a fitness freak and a great model in taking her brands to heights. 

Facts About Tyler Mahoney

Tyler is very fond of her family business. Though she is also in business and modeling, she is unlikely to leave her family business. She has even started the prospectors club to take the company forward and teach the next generation about gold mining. She also remembers her large gold sum count as a young prospector. She has found the five-ounce gold, the largest of up till she has discovered in all her years of digging. In an interview, she tells how excited she was about running, screaming, and showing her treasure to the family.

Her biggest regret in life is selling gold to do cool stuff. She said that when she was young, she used to buy clothes and other expensive things by selling gold. She wishes she could resist doing this foolish act, but what can you expect from a young teenager? She stays in Western Australia, known for ages for gold mines. The area had a gold rush pack back in the 1800s. Her family keeps coming back to the place to hunt for gold. This is how it became their family business, and the area became their favorite site for establishing the business.

In her interview, she was mostly asked about the appearance of gold diggers. Most movies depicted them as big fat men with a hat and white beards. In the response, she states that more than 95% of people look the same, but it is sometimes the truth. Generation is changing, and now people are looking for real knowledge more than written words. 

Along with the gold miner, she is an entrepreneur also. From an early age, she loved the sand, sun, and water very much. She says that this became her inspiration to start her swim line. According to her site, she uses the element of sand and sea to create a beautiful oceanic aura in her pieces; from this, her love for the oceans is depictable. 

Mahoney loves to keep her tradition alive. She is not afraid of hard work and likes her old methods more. She wants to work with excavators and old digging machines. She is also not scared of a hard environment and dust around the site. There are a wide variety of conditions that you can expect from the earth. She is ready to learn more and expand her knowledge about minings.

She said that other miners needed to take the tale longer. She said that the difference between the experienced miners is that they look at the place and, in an instant, know where to dig for the big fish. She said she is interested in keeping the story short and to the point. Their main focus is to expand the mines and her business. 

For her, digging unfolds the hidden truth about the earth. Digging for gold is always her constant hunger, and she wants to take a step high every time she is on the field. She is fond of things and loves finding new items that have a history with her. With all her business, she has an annual worth of 1 million dollars. She is happy with her life and is living her dream just because she chose to opt for her family business of digging gold.  

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