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Tyler Perry Fully Supports Possible BET Sale to Group Led by Ex-CEO Scott Mills

Tyler Perry is extending his enthusiastic support towards the high-profile union between David Ellison’s Skydance Media and Paramount Global. The merger, valued at $8 billion, will elevate Ellison to the roles of chairman and CEO of an expanded Paramount, with Jeff Shell, former CEO of NBCUniversal, stepping in as president.

While attending the New York premiere of his latest movie “Divorce in the Black,” Perry revealed to Variety that he had been proactive in reaching out to Paramount about the changes. “They haven’t reached out as much as I have reached out to them to say I’m really excited about this next chapter,” Perry said.

In addition to addressing the merger, Perry also touched on other significant shifts in the industry impacting his productions. Notably, this April, he secured a new multi-year agreement with BET Media Group, which includes the renewal of eight of his shows for BET and its streaming service, BET+.

According to Bloomberg, Paramount Global is in talks to sell BET in a deal worth between $1.6 billion and $1.7 billion. Potential buyers include BET CEO Scott Mills and Chinh Chu, founder of private-equity firm CC Capital.

“I’m a huge fan of Scott and if this is a deal that he can work out and make happen, I’m 100% supportive,” Perry commented. “Between Shari Redstone and him, they’re the reason that I’m here. They’ve been fantastic to work with. I love working with Scott every day, and I will continue to work with him wherever in whatever capacity he is in.”

At the film screening, Perry was accompanied by the film’s cast members: Meagan Good, Cory Hardrict, Taylor Polidore, Richard Lawson, Debbi Morgan, Shannon Wallace, and Joseph Lee Anderson.

Meagan Good, who not only stars in but also produces the film, shared her experience working within Perry’s production environment with Variety. “Producing alongside someone who values everything that you bring to the table – especially when you’ve been around as long as I have – you don’t always feel that way,” Good remarked. “It is pretty special.”

The movie follows Good’s character, Ava, who is devastated when her husband, Dallas, abandons their marriage. Despite once being willing to fight for their relationship, Ava’s journey shifts as she navigates through Dallas’ damaging actions in search of a true soulmate.

The premiere was graced by several notable attendees, including Good’s boyfriend and actor Jonathan Majors, Gayle King, Sherri Shepherd, Nick Barrotta, and Melissa Gorga.

Speaking on the crucial social issues her project addresses, Good emphasized the importance of empowerment. “I want people to feel empowered,” Good said. “Every woman, every man who sees this – whether they’ve gone through domestic abuse, whether they’ve gone through divorce, whether they’ve gone through heartbreak – to just feel how important they are, how lovable they are, how worthy they are, how they don’t have to settle, and how sometimes the worst moments in life are actually blessings. Sometimes the things that we think are kind of like destroying our lives are sometimes giving us new life in a different way.”

“Divorce in the Black” is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on July 11.

See photos from the premiere below.
Tyler Perry, Sherri Shepherd and Cory Hardrict.
Meagan Good and Jaira Noelani.
Gayle King.
Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors.
Jamila Mustafa.
Armani Ortiz.
Nick Barrotta.
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga.

Source: Variety, Bloomberg