Uber begins testing in São Paulo a tool that records video during the trip

Uber (NYSE: UBER ) will start testing this week in the city of São Paulo a function that allows you to record journeys on video.

The tool, available through Grip Mobility’s Sentinel partner app, allows drivers to use their cell phone camera to record video and audio from inside the vehicle throughout the journey.

This feature is being tested by Uber only in Brazil, and since February it has been available to a limited number of drivers in smaller cities, “where it is possible to analyze the results more closely,” the company said.

Now, the idea is to measure the acceptance of the resource in large urban centers.

“We started with smaller capitals and medium-sized cities, such as Aracaju, Natal, Campo Grande, Sorocaba (SP), and now we are expanding to evaluate the results in larger capitals, such as Recife, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and São Paulo”, the company said.

The tool was created to improve travel safety and the tests aim to measure the impact these videos can have for both drivers and passengers.

The company told Reuters that, for strategic reasons, it cannot disclose preliminary results from cities that have already been tested a few months ago, nor say how many drivers have access to the feature in the testing phase.

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