Uber will notify you if the car changes route to your destination

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In these times, technology has become a fundamental tool for the safety of people. Thanks to mobile phones and the different geolocation applications as well as messaging applications, they have helped make it possible to communicate in real time what is happening to a close person or where they are at any given moment. Even the apps that provide you with travel services also work in order to avoid any harm to travelers or the drivers themselves. This will become much more apparent in Uber with the integration of a security enhancement that will warn users if a route deviation is caused.

Uber puts a new panic button

From a young age they teach us that we should never get into the cars of those people who are not known, as well as accept their gifts. Of course, these behaviors are basic, but trust even in strangers develops over time. This sense reaches such an extent that sometimes there is no other option than to get into the car of a stranger who, in the end, works for the transport company you have requested to move.

But of course, all precautions are little and it is part of the different companies to help both drivers and travelers feel safe during the journey. For this reason, Uber is working on new functions to increase the safety of its travelers. On one side is the new panic button. This will have an emergency call function that can be used by both the driver and the passenger at any time to call the local emergency services.

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But there is another interesting feature and it is the function that informs the platform that there is an anomaly on the route. For example, if you make a prolonged stop at a site, the route followed by the driver is not correct or you are simply not at the destination where you were supposed to arrive. In a matter of seconds, according to comments Mashable, the application will contact the driver or cyclist in order to verify if everything is in order or if, on the contrary, the alerts should jump.

Features added to PIN

These new Uber safety features will help improve the experience for riders and drivers. In addition, they join the already known characteristics such as the verification PIN so that both drivers and travelers know that it is the person who must pick up or the car that has collected the service.


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