Ubisoft has not hidden its trailer dedicated to the NFTs a posteriori

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The Ubisoft Quartz video has not been hidden after the fact, but has been published from the beginning as unlisted.

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The controversy over NFT in video games It has come as planned, as soon as a large company has taken the first step. Ubisoft announced a few days ago its intention to introduce elements of this type in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but its plan is to do so in other sagas and games in the future through Quartz. The reaction of the followers has been to unleash a storm of dislikes in the presentation video on YouTube, presumably why the company has decided to hide it on its channel.

It is not that they have eliminated it entirely, since anyone with the link can view itbut it has been hidden from view. The numbers speak for themselves: VGC published yesterday that out of 16,000 votes, only 804 were positive, while 15,466 users had given the “I don’t like” button.

The decision to withdraw it has caused a decrease in reactions, although it has not prevented the judgment of the players in possession of the link. With more than 23,000 interactions, the number of dislikes exceeds 22,000, something that means that only about 4% have enjoyed the content.

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What is Ubisoft Quartz?

Ubisoft Quartz will open the doors to obtaining cosmetic objects of the NFT type, that is, digital elements with a certificate of exclusivity. Are weapons, outfits and other content that will belong to the user who buys them. The Digits “represent unique, playable and collectible items from Ubisoft’s game worlds,” as announced in the press release. “Each of them is accompanied by a certificate of ownership stored in the blockchain.”

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The French giant explains that it is “A decentralized technology” and “community-managed”. Despite claiming that players will have “more control than ever” because they can put them up for sale outside of the Ubisoft ecosystem, all of this has been met with reluctance and hostility from users.

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