Ubisoft Introduces Quartz, Its NFTs Platform for AAA Gaming; details

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Ubisoft has officially announced its new plan for the future: Quartz, an NFT platform where players who meet certain requirements can get exclusive cosmetic items such as weapons, clothing and other items that will have a serial number in charge of granting the property to its owner. The program will begin in beta phase, limited to several countries at the moment (United States, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia and Brazil) and the game chosen to launch it is Ghost Recon: Breackpoint. Next, we leave you the presentation trailer of the proposal.

Ubisoft Quartz: How does it work?

Ubisoft NFTs are called Digits, can be obtained within the game and also can be sold between users. These objects have a visible numbering for other players, as can be seen in the trailer. According to information shared by the company: “Digits represent unique, playable and collectible cosmetic items from Ubisoft’s game worlds, and each of them is accompanied by a certificate of ownership stored in the blockchain, a decentralized, community-managed technology that gives players more control than ever by allowing them to put them up for sale so other players can purchase them outside of the Ubisoft ecosystem. “

What does NFT mean?

They are the acronym in fashion in recent times. NFT corresponds to Not Fungible Token in English and refers to exclusive digital objects that, unlike cryptocurrencies, cannot be exchanged; their numbering makes them unique. The simple explanation is that if a user acquires one of these items, he is the only existing owner; It is yours and no one else’s.

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At the moment, the Quartz platform will debut with content for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, the action and open world title that is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One.

Source | Ubisoft (Press release)


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