Ubisoft studies what to do with Might & Magic X: Legacy after removing it from Steam

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It happened on June 1, when the Might & Magic X: Legacy servers closed their doors forever. It has been more than five years since the game was released, but it is currently not possible to enjoy the full experience, as both the campaign and the DLC have been affected by the decision to shut down servers. Without warning, Ubisoft pulled the game from Steam, although it had been on sale for weeks despite the problems. Now, the French have communicated that they are looking for solutions.

“We constantly analyze what it takes to provide the best possible experience for our players,” explained a Ubisoft representative. “On June 1, we closed several PC title services, including Might & Magic X: Legacy, as they couldn’t meet our safety standards. According to the company, during this process, “unfortunately we ran into an unexpected problem with this title”, something that caused “new and old players to access the game and its DLCs”.

Investigate various options

And what is the solution? Will it be available on Steam again soon? There is still no clear answer, but Ubisoft is analyzing the situation to find a resolution to the conflict. “We are currently investigating all available options and we will keep players informed when we can share more. In the meantime, we have made the decision to withdraw Might & Magic X: Legacy from sale until further notice ”.

Might & Magic X: Legacy went on sale exclusively for PC twelve years after the previous installment. The resurrection of the saga has not resulted in a new chapter, since to date this production is the last that has been released. Will this RPG saga have more opportunities? Nothing official yet.

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