Ubisoft will bring one of its most beloved video game franchises to television

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Video games have given away a large number of stories that were adapted from consoles such as Nintendo O PlayStation to the world of cinema. Of course, not all were well received and, while Sony seeks to rebound from the hand of the movie Uncharted with Tom Holland, and HBO will be in charge of carrying out a series on The Last of Us with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, it was announced that there is another franchise in development. Ubisoft is in the throes of a series on one of his most beloved titles.

Driver, the video game that was born in 1999 to PlayStation and then it expanded as a saga with seven video games, it will reach the small screen. The last production to hit the market of this franchise was Driver: San Francisco, a decade ago. Over the years they spread to different consoles such as Xbox and, of course, computers. In more than a decade, around 16 million copies were sold worldwide.

The original story of Driver focused on John Tanner, a former racing driver turned cop trying to take down a dangerous gang of mobsters. His driving skills were the main tool with which in each mission he sought to end organized crime in the city. Within la E3 the important announcement was made.

This was the interface of the first Driver. (IMDb)

Binge will be the streaming platform through which the series of Driver. It is a service that aims at products linked to the world of video games, which will now join Ubisoft to develop this story. It is the first major confirmation of the platform that aspires to launch in 2022, but not many details have yet been revealed. “Work with Binge will allow us to carry a series of Driver directly to the audience, who are the most passionate when it comes to seeing the franchise come to life “, he pointed Danielle Kreinik, head of the television development area for Ubisoft.

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Free Guy, the proof that gaming can reach the big screen

Although it is full of examples that were questioned, such as the movies of Mario Bross or the movie of Sonic without such good reviews (but with a sequel on the way), there is a product that clearly demonstrated that the language of consoles can be brought to the big screen without any problems. Is about Free Guy, the last movie of Ryan Reynolds, which was released in mid-August.

The story of Free Guy focuses on Guy (Reynolds), a minor character in an open-world video game who, after crossing paths with Millie (Jodie Comer), I begin to develop my free will. Beyond history, what this production of Shawn Levy was to add gags and small easter eggs associated with the world of gaming, and that it is organically with the story, both to advance the narrative and to entertain the audience with gags and jokes.

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