UK to relax travel restrictions on vaccinated people

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(Bloomberg) – The Boris Johnson government is preparing to allow Britons who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus to travel to more than 150 countries without the need to quarantine upon their return to England later this summer.

Authorities expect the new policy to be approved by the government in the coming days, paving the way for the reopening of international travel to popular destinations in Europe and the United States.

However, the change is unlikely to take effect before August, and ministers are expected to maintain a strict cap on the number of destinations on the so-called quarantine-free travel green list when they deliver an update this week.

Final decisions on quarantine policy and the green list have yet to be made within the government, and both will be subject to scientific advice on the status of the pandemic.

“The goal of the vaccination program is to be able to remove the restrictions,” Health Secretary Matt Hancock told LBC radio on Tuesday. “We are working on a plan for people with double vaccination, using tests and to have that testing regimen instead of having to be quarantined in some circumstances.”

The affected industry

The aviation and tourism industry has been affected since the start of the pandemic, after governments were forced to shut down international leisure travel to try to prevent passengers from importing the virus. The travel sector campaign is expected to intensify on Wednesday, amid warnings that up to 218,000 jobs are at risk due to restrictions in place.

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The UK Government currently encodes foreign destinations in a system called a ‘traffic light’, which is based on assessments of pandemic risk, including vaccination and contagion rates. The safest countries are on the ‘green list’ and passengers arriving in England from them do not need to quarantine.

People arriving from 167 destinations on the amber list must quarantine themselves at home for 10 days and undergo tests after arriving, while those from countries included in the red list, classified as those most affected by the covid, they must quarantine in a hotel.

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