Ukraine accuses Russia of having committed more than 27,000 war crimes since the invasion began

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Russia has committed, since it began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, a total of 27,203 aggressions and war crimes on Ukrainian territory, according to a report published On Monday by the Country’s Attorney General’s Office.

According to the Attorney General’s Office document cited by local agencies, 26,190 crimes relate to violations of the laws and customs of war.

On the other hand, 73 events have to do with the planning, preparation or initiation and development of aggressions during the war, while another 28 are considered war propaganda not adjusted to international conventions.

The Prosecutor’s Office has also counted 912 crimes of various kinds yet to be classified also attributed to Russian troops.

In addition, 12,724 crimes against national security were registered, of which 8,783 relate to the usurpation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine, 1,525 have been classified as high treason, 1,800 as crimes of collaboration, 113 of aid and instigation to the aggressor state, 64 as sabotage and there are another 439 of different typification.

The Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office has also opened 1,451 criminal proceedings for crimes against children since the large-scale Russian invasion began.

Several international bodies, including the UN, have launched investigations on Ukrainian territory to document alleged war crimes committed by Russian troops.

In addition, some European Union countries have sent experts to places like Bucha or Irpin, in northern Ukraine, to find evidence of these crimes.

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