Ukraine calls on Western forces to send them military instructors to the war front | International

Deterrent measures against a possible Russian aggression. The Government of Ukraine has urged its allies to make their support for Kiev visible in the face of a possible new Russian invasion. Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov has asked the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada to send trainers and training teams to the front lines of the Donbas war. “His presence here would be a good sign for the Russians,” Reznikov said. Ukraine, which has received information from the espionage services of its allies, has accused Russia of concentrating numerous troops along its borders and in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, annexed by Moscow in 2014 with a referendum considered illegal by the community. international, in preparation for a possible large-scale military offensive.

When all eyes are on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his videoconference on Tuesday with his American counterpart Joe Biden, the Ukrainian leader, Volodymyr Zelenski, has insisted on Monday that his Armed Forces are capable of fighting any attack from Moscow. “The Ukrainian Army trusts in its strength and is capable of thwarting any enemy conquest plan,” President Zelensky said on a visit to mark Armed Forces Day to the Donetsk region and to the front line of the conflict with the pro-Russian separatists, who receive political and military support from the Kremlin. Some 14,000 people have died in the Donbas War, Europe’s last war.

Zelensky has insisted that he would like to have a direct dialogue with Putin on the conflict in eastern Ukraine, something the Kremlin has ruled out. Russia assures that it has nothing to do with what it defines as a “civil war”, despite the fact that a good number of reports from Western espionage services and specialized entities have traced not only military support to the self-styled separatists. Lugansk and Donetsk “people’s republics” but also arms transfers.

Kiev, which has called on NATO and the EU for “dissuasive” sanctions against Russia – which would be in addition to those already imposed by Washington and Brussels on Moscow for illegally annexing the Crimean peninsula, but which have not had much effect on the expansionist appetite Putin – has also urged the Atlantic Alliance to accelerate its accession, something that is a clear red line for Moscow. Its entry into the military alliance (of which Spain is a part), however, does not seem close: Kiev has yet to make a series of substantial reforms in defense matters.

Tension also continues in the Black Sea, where the Russian Navy has begun winter exercises, with the planned overflight of more than twenty aircraft – multipurpose fighters, bombers – and helicopters. In recent times, Moscow has increased military maneuvers in the Black Sea, a geostrategic area in which three NATO countries have waters – Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria – and accuses the Atlantic Alliance of threatening and destabilizing with its presence there.

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