Ukraine Says Ships Pass-Through Danube Rivermouth

The government of Ukraine has already managed to release a total of 16 ships loaded with cereals through the mouth of the Danube River and hopes to resolve in a week the traffic jam that has occurred in the area.

This was announced by the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure in a statement published by the local media “Ukrainska Pravda”.

In the note, he assures that in a week the traffic jams generated in the Danube River delta, in the Bystre area, by the ships that try to export cereals from the country will disappear, so that the grain can go out to other markets.

As of yesterday, Tuesday, a total of 16 ships had already passed through the mouth of the Bystre to load Ukrainian grain and, at that rate, the traffic jams in the Danube Delta are expected to disappear within a maximum period of seven days, the Ministry reiterated.

More than 90 ships are currently waiting their turn to enter Ukrainian ports in the area known as the Sulina Canal and up to 135 vessels are in the Romanian part of that waterway.

Ukrainian Deputy Infrastructure Minister Yuriy Vaskov explained that currently the capacity and organization of work in Sulina allows to receive 4 ships a day, but it could reach up to 8 if necessary.

“In addition, the (Kiev) government is negotiating with Romanian colleagues and representatives of the European Commission to increase the number of crossings through the Sulina Canal” to give greater outlet to ships with grain.

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