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Ukraine’s Security Service launched an operation on the FUT-mining network

The so-called cryptocurrency mining farm raided in Ukraine last week turned out to be a FUT farm with thousands of PlayStation 4s. Rare FIFA Ultimate Team cards were mined from thousands of PS4s and player packs found on the farm, and accounts with these rare cards were used to be sold on the black market.

Eurogamer’s According to the news, Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) announced last week that it has closed its cryptocurrency mining farm, which houses 3800 PlayStation 4s. However, the main function of this mining farm was not to try to acquire crypto money, but to find valuable FIFA Ultimate Team cards.

FUT focused mining farm

Ukrainian newspaper Work The details of the operation were revealed as a result of an investigation by PS4s on the farm are constantly controlled by a computer to unlock Ultimate Team packs.

Although the SBU said it found 500 graphics cards, 50 processors, electricity consumption documents, laptops, phones, USB sticks and more in the farm, it explained that the focus of this cryptocurrency mining farm is on FIFA.

What is FUT mining?

PC-managed PS4s are constantly playing matches and earning in-game currency. When accounts have accumulated enough in-game money, they automatically buy player card packs, and rare and high-value players from the purchased packs are sold on the black market with the accounts.

Adam Bankhurst writes at MRT.

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