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Ukrainian Wives: Who Ukrainian Brides Really Are & How To Meet Them

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

Is a Ukrainian lady—a perfect mom, a wonderful wife, and a girl with a deep personality—a myth or a reality?

Thousands of western men who marry Ukrainian brides yearly say that their dream really came true, but most of them had a few bad experiences due to joining the wrong platform. 

In this guide, we’ll talk both about Ukrainian women and their characteristics and ways to join a legitimate Ukrainian dating site on the first try.

6 Best Sites to Meet Ukrainian Wife Online

  1. BravoDate—for those who love social media sites and international dating
  2. UkraineBride4you—for those who love video chat and calls more than messaging
  3. TheLuckyDate—for those who love swiping profiles
  4. JollyRomance—for those who want to have access to validated profiles of the hottest Ukrainian brides
  5. AmourFeel—for those who want to see Ukrainian girls streaming
  6. AmourFactory—for those who want to stop paying for chatting with a Ukrainian woman one day

1. BravoDate

Features we liked:

Here’s another option for those who’d like to meet single Ukrainian women but don’t want to spend too much time learning how international dating sites work. Of course, BravoDate remains an international dating platform, but the thing is, it’s also pretty similar to a social media website. There is a basic search, advanced search, and also the Newsfeed. Why did we mention Newsfeed with the search algorithms? Well, it’s a fun way to discover new matches! Ukrainian women publish a lot of posts that, to be honest, are more interesting to view than just profile pictures.

On top of that, members can follow each other for free, so you can learn more about a Ukrainian woman you like. As for the other features, there are pretty many tools to use—in particular, users can send Mails or have conversations in live chat.

2. UkraineBride4you

Features we liked:

UkraineBride4You is one of the online dating sites that has it all—it really offers a wide variety of features that let you start a long-distance relationship with one of the Ukrainian brides. Why does this platform offer more than many other websites? The explanation is simple—unlike regular websites, it doesn’t accept all Ukrainian women with different relationship goals—nearly all female members on UkraineBride4You are looking for serious relationships with western guys, i.e. they are Ukrainian mail order brides.

Still, it’s not a catalog or anything like that—you can’t just mail order Ukrainian brides and marry one of them. It’s about starting an authentic romantic relationship. Members can use live chat, send different types of Mails, have video chat, make international calls, send real and virtual gifts, and view each others’ videos. That’s more than enough to get closer online, and though credits aren’t cheap, there are free vouchers and some discounts, so if you’re looking for Ukrainian women for marriage, not just for dating, create an account and find out if UkraineBride4You is the site you were looking for.

3. TheLuckyDate 

Features we liked:

We decided to start with a global platform. Yes, it means that there are not only Ukrainian girls there, but there are a lot of them, and we just couldn’t but notice that the vast majority of them are young and attractive. TheLuckyDate accepts members with different relationship goals, so asking a Ukrainian woman about what she’s looking for on this site is completely normal and often just necessary to figure out if you’re both seeking the same things.

The site will work great for newbies who’ve never used international dating services but were looking for matches on sites like Tinder. You can view random profiles (you can apply the Ukraine filter in search), like them, or skip them and then view mutual matches. If you have some, you can just send a message, but that costs credits. The prices for credits are pretty low compared with some other global platforms, and the company grants 2,000 free credits for newcomers, so if you are interested, just give it a try.

4. JollyRomance

Features we liked:

JollyRomance is a site designed specifically for guys who want to meet Slavic women. Yes, that means that there are girls from some other Eastern European countries registered on this site, but most men join them to start dating Ukrainian women. What makes JollyRomance stand out from the fierce competition in this market? In our opinion, the first thing that makes men sign up is the quality of profiles.

Most female members have those validated badges, provide a lot of information (there are vitals like marital status, habits, age), and add detailed self-description. Still, not all members mention their relationship goals—most rather focus on their personality traits, and that works, too. There are free winks to send to let a Ukrainian woman know that you are interested in a conversation for free, or you can send a message in live chat or a Mail (if you have much to say—these are longer letters, up to 3,000 characters each). Those who believe that they have found their future Ukrainian wife can request a real meeting with her right through the site.

5. AmourFeel

Features we liked:

AmourFeel is another site that accepts Slavic women, in particular, hot Ukrainian women, and foreign men who want to date them. However, this site definitely has something special to offer. In particular, it’s one of the rare places where you can watch live streams and, most importantly, do it for free. There are public chats, and you can talk to a streamer and other viewers for free, but donations and conversations with a streamer in private chat cost credits. Still, it’s absolutely optional.

As for the rest, AmourFeel works like a regular international dating platform. There are emails and live chat, gift delivery, basic and advanced search, and some fun features like the People that let you swipe profiles and find someone attractive. AmourFeel is a mid-range website that runs on the credit system, and though standard members can send winks, like profiles, and add favorites for free, the best features are the premium features. Still, it’s a good platform where one can have a great dating experience, so if you want to test it, just join the community—it takes around 5 minutes to sign up.

6. AmourFactory

Features we liked:

How do most online dating sites with Ukrainian women for dating or marriage work? You join the community as a male member, buy some credits, spend them on conversations and other features and keep paying until you and your new girlfriend decide to stop talking online only and set up a real date. On AmourFactory, the system actually lets you stop paying if you met someone special and spent a lot of credits on interaction with her, and well, this system seems to be fair.

Other features, however, don’t become free. In particular, members can send gifts to their Ukrainian girlfriends, send Mails and video files, and watching profile videos is also a premium feature. Private photos (and there are a lot of them in profiles of most Ukrainian women) become available only after a member starts a conversation with another user. If you like how the site works, you can easily join the community. Like many other good sites, it has some generous promotions for new users—so joining and testing the site definitely makes sense.

Our editor’s notes

“Are there places where men can meet Ukrainian brides? Of course, they are—if you analyze the international dating market, you’ll find out that Ukrainian ladies are incredibly popular and that hundreds of sites were designed to connect western men with them—or at least that claim to do it. The thing is, you can’t be too careful when choosing a site. A lot of things matter—sometimes, a well-designed and easy-to-use website turns out to be full of fake accounts. In some cases, there are real profiles but no really useful features, and on some platforms, you’ll just pay much more than you expected.

You could see the list of platforms I’d recommend meeting Ukrainian brides above, and I’d like to pay special attention to two of them:

— European Countries Expert at, David Steward

How to get a Ukrainian wife online?

So, there are sites where you can meet hot Ukrainian brides, but how exactly can a man start looking for his perfect Ukrainian bride? There is a universal scheme that works for nearly all singles looking for love abroad:

How much does a Ukrainian mail order bride cost?

There are no Ukrainian wives for sale. 

If you want to find a Ukrainian wife, you need to use dating services + pay for trips—that’s how the system really works. Why trips? Doesn’t the very idea of getting a mail order bride is an idea of marrying someone without meeting this person before? Not really. There was a time when things worked like that, but they don’t anymore. Every foreign citizen who’s going to marry an American must prove that 1) they really have an authentic relationship, 2) they’ve met in real life within the two years.

So how much does a Ukrainian wife cost?

If you are looking for her online, it all depends on the dating site you choose. The costs of online dating services, as the cost of trips, vary. Let’s take a look at the approximate amounts that men looking for Ukraine women can spend.


On TheLuckyDate, members can’t choose between different credit packs—there’s only one option available.

Credits can be spent in live chat:

👆 Sign up and start chatting with Ukrainian women for marriage


BravoDate members can choose between the following packs of credits :

Premium features are as follows:

👆 Get 20 FREE credits for signing up


If you want to use premium features, you can purchase 2-100 credits on UkraineBride4You:

*Note that everyone who buys credits, no matter how many, gets 5 first Mails, 20 minutes in live chat, and can view all private pictures in the profiles of Ukrainian brides.

Credits can be spent on the following features:

👆 Get 20 minutes in live chat with Ukrainian women for marriage

Approximate cost of dating services

As you can see, the costs of services vary, and different sites with Ukrainian ladies use different billing systems. Still, most men spend around 1,200 during a year, and that’s usually enough to find a Ukrainian bride.

Cost of trips and total price of marrying a Ukrainian girl

Let’s take a look at the travel expenditures (for a 2-week trip to Ukraine):

So, the total cost of one trip is around $1,900. Considering that a man looking for a Ukrainian mail order wife usually meets her at least twice before getting married and spends around $1,200 on online dating, the total cost is around $5,000.

How to avoid mail order bride scams?

Guys looking for single Ukrainian ladies, Russian women, as well as for mail order brides from other countries are afraid of being scammed. It’s not about overthinking or anything like that—according to the FBI, victims of romance scams report 1 billion in losses, and yes, most of such cases happen online. Here are some tips that can protect you from getting scammed when using Ukrainian dating sites or any other online dating platforms:

Why marry a Ukrainian woman?

Around 800 Ukraine mail order brides move to the US to get married yearly. Tens of thousands of guys all over the world want to meet Ukrainian women and date them. But why? What’s so special about a Ukrainian beauty, why not start dating an attractive girl from your city or at least your home country? Men who have already met their Ukraine brides say the reasons are as follows:

In fact, these are not even all reasons why a Ukrainian marriage agency will hardly ever run out of clients—the demand for Ukraine brides will always remain high. These women are well-educated, well-mannered, pretty confident, and very strong as they always remain optimistic despite the fact they need to overcome a lot of difficulties to live a decent life in their country.

F.A.Q. about Ukrainian wives

❤️ Success rate with Ukrainian brides78%
🇺🇦 Popular Ukrainian cities with bridesKyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv
⌛ Average age of Ukrainian bride23 — 27
💸 Average cost of Ukrainian wife$3,500 — $7,000
đź’Ť Is it legal to mail order a Ukrainian wife?Yes
💑🏻 Best Ukrainian dating sitesBravoDate, UkraineBride4you, TheLuckyDate
đź’” Divorce rate22%

How to buy a Ukrainian wife?

Men can’t buy Ukrainian women—catalogs with Ukrainian brides for sale just don’t exist. However, they can meet them on the niche platforms that provide online dating services and meet in person (so someone needs to go to another country). Couples who’ve never met in real life won’t be able to get married because it’s contrary to the requirements of immigration service. The cost of dating and travel services is the “cost” of Ukrainian mail order wives.

What should you expect from a Ukrainian wife?

Of course, it’s hard to say what exactly you can expect from a particular Ukrainian girl, but we can talk about national characteristics that most Ukrainian women have. Most Ukrainian wives are ambitious and employed (at least before they get married) but still family-minded, feminine, patriotic, hospitable, friendly, respectful, well-mannered, and caring.

How to find a Ukrainian wife as an American traveling in Ukraine?

Well, it’s even simpler than finding and dating Ukrainian girls being in the US. All you need to do is to upload a local dating app or a global app (Tinder and Badoo are the two most popular platforms in Ukraine), complete your profile and start making connections with Ukrainian women near your area.

How to bring a Ukrainian wife to the US?

She will need to apply for a K-1 visa. It can be granted only if a foreign citizen has an authentic relationship with an American citizen (yes, you will need to prove it, so don’t delete your photos, videos, messages, don’t throw away old tickets and anything that can help you convince the service that you were actually dating). Also, a Ukrainian bride will need to prove that she and her American boyfriend have met in person.

Do Ukrainian wives leave you when they come to the United States?

We can’t say there was no single case of a Ukrainian wife leaving a husband after marriage, but over 80% of marriages with Ukrainian women last over the years. Most Ukrainian brides want to start a family and live with their husband and kids—the high divorce rate and problems with local men are actually some of the most important reasons why they want to marry western men.

How to live with a Ukrainian wife?

Well, mostly like with any other wife. Being respectful, caring, loving, and attentive is the key. The only difference, in this case, is that a Ukrainian girl will have another cultural background, so she will need help when assimilating into a new society. Be patient, respect her culture, and don’t put too much pressure on your Ukrainian wife.


So, does looking for Ukrainian brides online or in real life make sense for western men? 

Well, thousands of guys who marry Ukrainian girls every year believe it does, and there’s no denying most of them found their soulmates online. 

Still, though this scheme works, men looking for beautiful Ukrainian women on the web should remember that they can succeed only if they choose the right website with good features and detailed profiles of Ukrainian mail order brides or just girls for dating.

The news and editorial staff of Market Research Telecast had no role in this article’s preparation.

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