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Uma Granata’s Bold Decision: A Move Away from “The Ogre” Fabbiani

Uma Granata, the daughter of Amalia Granata and Cristian “el Ogre” Fabbiani, recently celebrated her 15th birthday in the company of her loved ones. However, her father’s absence was notable, given the bad blood between them for the past two years.

The ex-soccer player took to social media during his daughter’s celebration to share a heartfelt post that he later deleted. In it, he expressed his doubts about being a good father and alluded to the challenges he had faced due to false accusations by nefarious individuals.

After the post generated controversy, Uma appeared on LAM and expressed her disappointment with her father. She also made a forceful decision to change her last name on Instagram to that of her mother’s. This move demonstrated her intention to distance herself further from her father.

Even though her relationship with Fabbiani is strained, Uma revealed that she has a good relationship with her mother’s partner, Leonardo Squarzon. She acknowledged his role in supporting her through this difficult time and praised him for fulfilling the role of a dad.

In conclusion, Uma’s 15th birthday celebration was bittersweet without the presence of her father. Still, her decision to distance herself from him and embrace her mother’s identity suggests that she is ready to move on from the past and focus on more positive relationships with the people who matter most.

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