Umbrella Academy Season 3: The Release Date of the First Trailer Revealed?

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The Umbrella Academy celebrates the end of the filming of its season 3 with a clip of its protagonists

Netflix has reportedly launched a countdown to end with the reveal of the first official trailer consisting of never-before-seen footage from Umbrella Academy, season 3.

Fans of the series now know that the new episodes of Umbrella Academy will land on Netflix on Wednesday, June 22. But, apart from a very brief teaser that accompanied the official release date of the third season, we have not yet seen any images corresponding to the expected episodes.

However, this suspense is not expected to last. Netflix has just stepped up the promotional campaign for season 3, with the video streaming giant recently releasing new posters featuring the show’s different characters.

On Friday, April 8, two posters were shared on the official Umbrella Academy Twitter account. The latter highlight Viktor Hargreeves (played by Elliot Page), the Number Seven of the Umbrella Academy and Christopher, that of the Sparrow Academy.

Three days separate the release of the Viktor/Christopher and Jayme/Ben posters. The presentation of the two “Number Five” – that is to say Five performed by Aidan Gallagher and Sloan played by Genesis Rodriguez – should reach us on April 14th.

  • Posters Number 7 revealed – Friday, April 8
  • Posters Number 6 revealed – Monday, April 11
  • Posters Number 5 potentially revealed – Thursday, April 14
  • Posters Number 4 potentially revealed – Sunday, April 17
  • Posters Number 3 potentially revealed – Wednesday, April 20
  • Posters Number 2 potentially revealed – Saturday, April 23
  • Posters Number 1 potentially revealed – Tuesday, April 26

If this schedule follows a Netflix-driven countdown, then we could see the first trailer go live the day after the last posters are released – in other words, on April 27. Or, if we follow the rhythm of the three days, Friday, April 29 at the latest.

In any case, the possible release of the trailer would come less than two months – just now – before the launch of season 3.

Based on our theory, we’re pretty confident that we’ll be discovering the Umbrella Academy Season 3 trailer before the end of the month. However, we have no inside information about when it will be released, and our assumption could prove incorrect if the next two posters are not published on April 14. There are only a few hours left before consolidating this theory. Or sweep it away.

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