Umwelthilfe wants to go to court for speed limit

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The German Environmental Aid (DUH) has announced that it will go to court if necessary for the traffic turnaround and the introduction of a speed limit. That’s what DUH Federal Managing Director Jürgen Resch said at the annual balance sheet press conference this week.

The DUH sees itself strengthened by the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court at the end of April this year. In it, Germany’s highest judge, also at the instigation of the DUH, found that the Climate Protection Act violated the freedom rights of younger people. The federal government then changed its climate targets.

For the coming year, the DUH expects decisions to be taken in the case of climate-related lawsuits, especially in relation to the transport sector: “It is to be expected that the judges will oblige the federal government to take effective measures immediately. With this lawsuit, we will enforce a speed limit and a real traffic turnaround, and even that end the breach of the constitution attested by the Federal Environment Agency “, said Resch. The DUH currently has 17 constitutional and administrative actions against ten federal states and against BMW, Mercedes and Wintershall DEA.

How and where the DUH specifically wants to enforce the speed limit and what speed limit it should be, the organization did not tell heise online on request, it only referred to the press conference.

The general speed limit of 130 km / h for German motorways, which was much discussed before the general election of this year, found no place in the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. As early as mid-October, a paper on the results of the explorations by the three parties said: “We want to make Germany the lead market for electromobility and to do so massively accelerate the expansion of the charging station infrastructure. There will be no general speed limit.”

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