Uncharted: The Movie oozes adventure in new poster: Nate, Sully and two pirate galleons

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Little remains for the most adventurous thieves to make their debut on the big screen. No, we are not talking about Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, but about Nathan Drake himself and his mentor, Victor Sullivan. They both star in the Uncharted movie, which was just shown through an official poster. The duo appear on a rocky framework, while in the background the worn masts of two old ships, presumably pirates, are outlined (the peculiar flag of the buccaneers is not appreciated).

Uncharted: The Movie is not directly based on the games. Tom Holland is the actor chosen to play Nate, a character known for your ability to get into trouble, although in his favor we will say that he is also capable of wringing death thanks to his dexterity with weapons. This ability is combined with his special sense when it comes to sniffing out treasures, which take him to all kinds of wonderful worlds that had been buried by time.

Premiere February 11

Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions are the companies in charge of shaping this project, which has suffered from scheduling problems throughout all these years. Of course, the crisis of the COVID-19 It has also contributed to delaying plans, although filming has been successful and everything is ready for its theatrical release. If there is no last minute change, the film will debut on February 11, 2022.

The Uncharted movie, directed by Ruben Fleisher and written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins, it stars Tom Holland, who will be accompanied by Mark Wahlberg (Sully), Antonio Banderas, Sophia Ali (Chloe Frazier) or Tati Grabielle (Braddock), among others.

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2022 will also be the time to Uncharted: Legacy of the Thieves Collection, the remastering for PS5 and PC of the fourth installment and The Lost Legacy. It will be released on January 28 on console and later on compatible.

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