“Uncover the Gripping True Events of Norway’s Latest Netflix Miniseries – A Must-See for Binge-Watchers Everywhere!”

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True Crime Miniseries Takes Netflix by Storm

This week, a new story based on true events arrived on Netflix and quickly climbed to the top of the streaming platform’s rankings worldwide. “Missing in Lørenskog” is a five-part miniseries belonging to the scandi-noir genre, like “Face to Face” and “Spies in the Shadows.” The captivating storytelling lasts four hours and takes you through the case of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the wife of a Norwegian furniture millionaire who disappeared without a trace.

The True Events Behind the Story

The disappearance of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen kept Norway on edge in 2018. The 69-year-old woman lived in Lørenskog, a suburb of Oslo, and was married to Tom Hagen, a well-known local millionaire. On a quiet day in October, someone entered her mansion and kidnapped her while she was resting alone.

Although Hagen didn’t go public with the case at first, he received an anonymous letter demanding $10 million to rescue Anne-Elisabeth. That’s when the police began investigating her absence. 18 months later, the case turned around, and the police arrested Tom as the main suspect, along with a man known as Ole Henrik Golf, who would have allegedly collaborated in the abduction.

The Investigation Continues

However, the truth is that the identity of this person is non-existent since they determined that she was bought at Cardpass, a site where a direct link to the victim’s husband was found. According to The Daily Beast, “the police helped him pay the equivalent of 1.45 million dollars, after which all communication ceased.”

At the moment, Anne-Elisabeth is still missing, with no trace of her body. After the premiere of the Netflix miniseries, the inspector in charge of the case stated: “We have no proof that the woman is alive, but we have not received any indication that she is not either.”

An Emotional and Dramatic Miniseries

The miniseries provides a captivating and emotional retelling of the events surrounding Anne-Elisabeth’s disappearance. Throughout the four-hour runtime, you’ll see the police navigate public opinion, the press, and misleading informants to uncover the truth behind this mysterious case.

Now available on Netflix, “Missing in Lørenskog” has taken the streaming platform by storm. The welcome from the streaming public was so positive that it quickly slipped into the top 10 globally. This is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and unable to close your eyes.

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