“Uncovering the Astrological Synthesis of Clara Chia: A Point of Contention for Piqué and Shakira”

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Clara Chía: Who is Gerard Piqué’s Girlfriend?

Recent news has been abuzz about the relationship between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía, one of the most media-scrutinized couples, especially after his separation from Shakira. But who is Clara Chía exactly?

Early Life of Clara Chía

Clara Chía was born on February 7, 1999, in Barcelona, ​​Spain. As an Aquarius, she is characterized as a progressive thinker, who is encouraged by innovations. Her mind works intuitively, picking up ideas very quickly, but she is often impatient with those slower than her. She is eccentric and does very well in an atmosphere where flexibility and quick results are necessary, all due to her conjunction of Mercury with Uranus.

Challenging Her Inner Core

Challenging the inner core of Clara Chía is difficult, and it is highly speculated that her moon is in Scorpio. She is a private person who has kept her personal life details away from the public ever since she was linked to the Spanish soccer player. If her Moon were in Scorpio, it would be difficult for others to know her inner core, as she is mistrustful.

Moon Aspects of Clara Chía

Indications from other aspects of her Moon show that she yearns for changes and does not tolerate a routine or lifestyle that offers few surprises or challenges. She is spontaneous and enthusiastic, and perhaps perceived by others as too impulsive, especially in her personal relationships. Her Neptune makes her dreamy, and she hates confrontation, becoming evasive when problems arise in her private life, escaping into her imagination to avoid solving them.

Loves and Hates of Clara Chía

The aspects of Venus and Mars in Clara’s chart show that she experiences powerful attractions of great sexual force, has little control over her desires, and can be emotionally insatiable. Jealousy, power struggles, and possessiveness can become areas of conflict in her relationships, as seen in her drama with Piqué and Shakira. She manipulates others to achieve her desires, from a covert and subtle attitude to more direct ones.

Black Moon: In the Sign of Scorpio

Her Black Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, revealing repressed sexuality, and Clara is seductive. She enjoys hunting lovers as prey, and sex with her can be disturbingly erotic. In any case, Lilith in the fiery intensity of Scorpio will make Clara’s lovers fall for her. Mars in Scorpio makes her a sensual and seductive person, often compulsive and prone to pessimism and depression when things don’t go as planned.

Challenges in Her Romantic Relationships

Her Mars is in opposition to Saturn, indicating that she desperately needs competition to test herself, and ignorance of her abilities is one of her biggest obstacles. Her romantic relationships never meet her expectations, so her desires always seem to be frustrated. Mars makes a negative aspect to Neptune, yet another indication that she should be careful with her romantic relationships, as what looks like love can end up being an escape.

The Relationship with Piqué

This relationship is not meant to last. Piqué will want to control her life, which is contrary to her desire for freedom. There is a mutual attraction, but he will want to impose his authority and manage her, which can lead to fights or disagreements. The transits and progressions show that there is a tendency to disorder, nervousness, and impatience, and the most dangerous thing, a great tendency to have accidents.

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