Uncovering the Lesser Known Heroes of Carlos III’s Coronation

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Carlos III takes center stage

It’s no secret that Carlos III is the star of the show as the celebrations of his coronation take place from May 5th to May 8th. Having been the heir to the British Crown for 70 years, this moment is nothing short of historic. However, he isn’t the only one basking in the limelight. Queen Camilla, who wasn’t initially expected to play such a big role, will be crowned in a shorter and simpler ceremony alongside him.

Prince William’s Oath

Prince William will join the other great protagonists from his privileged position at Westminster Abbey on May 6th. He’ll kneel before the sovereign and pledge his loyalty, faith, and truth to him, just as his grandfather, the late Prince Philip, did before him.The ceremony holds a special significance for Prince William, as it marks his transition to new obligations and commitments following the death of Elizabeth II in September.

The Young Prince George and his Leading Role

At nine years old, the second in line for the throne, Prince George, will play a leading role in the ceremony, accompanying his grandfather as a page of honor through the nave of Westminster Abbey.

Kate, the New Princess of Wales

While Kate will not have a specific role in the coronation ceremony, she will still be an important protagonist of the day. As the new princess of Wales and future queen, she’s set to occupy a preferential place in the royal box alongside her two young children, Prince Charlotte and Prince Louis.

The Queen’s Family Takes Center Stage

The Parker Bowles family, including Camilla’s ex-husband and two children, will have a leading role in the coronation ceremony, alongside the Middletons. This marks a significant moment for the family as they take a prominent role during the event.

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Princes Andrew and Harry: The Problem Princes

The British Royal House will need to decide what to do with princes Andrew and Harry, who have to be present at the ceremony, but their presence comes with complications. The institution must decide how to handle their participation in the event, knowing that whatever decision they make will be closely scrutinized.

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