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“Uncovering the Truth: Exploring Their State of Health”

Silvina Luna is admitted to intensive care: they reveal details about her state of health

In mid-2010, Silvina Luna underwent cosmetic surgery at the hands of Dr. Aníbal Lotocki which, due to malpractice, culminated in a chronic picture of hypercalcemia and real failure.

In 2023, the model made public that her situation had become complicated and that she is on the waiting list of the National Central Single Ablation and Implant Coordinator Institute (Incucai) for a kidney transplant.

From that moment, his state of health became a source of concern for both colleagues and the public, especially since he first had to solve a bacterial infection before being able to receive the corresponding organ.

However, days after he shared on his social networks a video in which she claimed to be starting “on the path to transplantation”, in the last few hours it transpired that she was urgently admitted to intensive care.

The information was confirmed by Ángel de Brito who, just a few minutes before the end of LAM (America), gave details about the health of the former Big Brother.

Silvina Luna shared a shocking video before entering the operating room and talked about her health

After assuring who had checked both with the doctors at the Italian hospital and with people close to Luna, the magazine host said: “She is sedated and is on a respirator. She is accompanied by her brother and by the people who love her. “Likewise, she clarified that” they did not want to make a show “about such a delicate topic and took a couple of seconds to send her good wishes.

“She has been suffering a lot for a long time. We wish her the best,” she said.

Silvina Luna is admitted to intensive care

In 2013, three years after undergoing buttock augmentation at Dr. Lotocki’s clinic, Silvina Luna began to feel unusually tired. After carrying out a series of studies, he discovered that he had high levels of calcium in his blood, which he later learned was due to methacrylate poisoning that entered his bloodstream and caused a chronic condition of hypercalcemia and real insufficiency. result of the surgeon’s malpractice.

María José Favarón, Aníbal Lotocki’s wife, broke the silence and crossed several complainants

In addition to being involved in a legal battle against the doctor along with other affected patients, the actress began to live an ordeal regarding his health that reached its culminating point at the beginning of 2023 when, between the long dialysis sessions, they confirmed that he needed a kidney transplant.

A month ago, during an emotional one-on-one with Ángel de Brito in the LAM study, explained: “There has been a lot of talk that I need an urgent transplant and it is not like that. I have to wait first to solve a health issue because I have had a bacterium for a year. Until they resolve that, I can’t transplant myself. So that wouldn’t be now, if it’s a place to get to”.

Lío Pecoraro broke down live with LAM when he remembered his transplant and the day after: “You have to value life”

In the first days of June, shortly after said statements, he uploaded a video from the sanatorium where he recounted: “I came to the hospital because the results of the mycobacteria came out and it was finally possible to detect which are the specific remedies that I have to take. There are two of them, so I’m testing them now in hospital, to see if I tolerate them and if everything is fine.” In it, she announced: “I have already started another path that I am excited about, which is the path to combat this bacteria and the path to the transplant”. Finally, she had expressed her intention “not to give up” and to maintain a positive outlook.

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