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Unemployment affected 9.5% in Lima, while 4.6 million have a job

Lima, Sep 15 (EFE) .- The labor market in Lima registered an increase of 28.7% in the June-July-August quarter of this year, which means that 4.6 million people are employed, but another 9, 5% of the population is unemployed in the capital of Peru.

According to the technical report on the situation of the labor market prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (INEI), the increase in the employed population has not yet recovered pre-pandemic levels, since it presents a decline of 5.8% compared to to the same quarter of 2019.

Workers with adequate employment increased by 44% to 2.4 million people, while the underemployed population, working less than 35 hours a week, increased by 15% to 2.2 million people.

However, the adequate employment rate decreased by 23.8% compared to 2019 and the underemployment rate increased 26.9% compared to the same year.

Regarding unemployment in Lima, the INEI report revealed that it rose to 9.5%, which means that 489,900 people actively looked for work in those months.

Unemployment in the Peruvian capital, which has a third of the national population, continues to be higher than in the same quarter of 2019 by 3.7 percentage points, although it was reduced by six points compared to the same quarter of 2020 affected by restrictions by the pandemic.

Regarding the employed population, the increase in workers under 25 years of age stood out in 63%, followed by those over 45 years in 36% and those between 25 and 44 years in 16.8%.

Likewise, the employed population with primary education increased by 97%, in contrast to workers with university training, which decreased by 3.4%.

The main productive sectors that drove the increase in the employed population were Construction at 97%, Manufacturing at 43%, Commerce at 36% and Services at 15.5%.

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