Unfair World: Emma Watson’s Untapped Potential

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Emma Watson’s acting career has been largely absent since her role in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women in 2019. However, she has recently been promoting a gin brand launched by her brother, revealing in interviews that she will return to screens in 2024 with a project that is yet to be announced. Watson opens up about her dissatisfaction with her previous acting projects, citing a lack of control and accountability for projects she did not have a say in. The actress felt like she was being held responsible for projects that did not involve her, which resulted in her feeling caged.

One can’t help but think about how critical everyone has been when evaluating her performance in recent years. Watson’s breakout performance in My Week with Marilyn, where she played a small role, was played with charm and charisma. Whereas in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, she delivered an outstanding performance, conveying strength and sensitivity in her relationship with the character of Lerman.

Unfortunately, when Watson entered the upper echelons of Hollywood with movies like The Bling Ring and Noah, her films received mixed responses from audiences. Even though the films weren’t received well by audiences, it doesn’t change the fact that Watson gave her best performance.

Watson moved to Europe to work on films like Colonia or Regression, which didn’t receive as much attention as some of her earlier movies. Then, she returned to Hollywood to work on a lacklustre remake of Beauty and the Beast and a thriller that didn’t work so well. All of this led to a disappointing reception for her performance in Little Women, where she was overshadowed by her co-stars.

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Emma Watson reflects on her retirement from acting, talking about how projects and their implications have always been placed above her interpretations. She hopes that with her return, things will turn around in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, Emma Watson deserves more recognition from the industry, public, and critics for her work.

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